Utility Grenades Guide

How to use utility grenades in Counter-Strike

CS GO He grenade

One-way smokes

Is there much else irritating than to get murdered by somebody you cannot even see? An all-around put smoke screen usually brings about what is called a restricted smoke which fundamentally implies you can see a person while playing but they can’t view you.

Spread over the maps is one of the tricks of one-way smoke-spots. If you witness smoke in any of the areas, then it is advisable to take a few shots just to ensure nobody’s holding up behind it. Here are two or three scenarios of one-way smoke.

What you need to know about pop flashes

A flash bang that “pops” while it is getting into the field of vision of a player is referred to as a pop glimmer.  The reason for the pop flashes is basically to give your competitors a small window to pivot as could be expected under the situations. You have to stand only behind a corner, and you also need a partner to glimmer you while playing. By doing this, perhaps you will completely discover your foe flashed or with his back confronting you if you time it correctly.

Besides, there are several better than average pop flares that you can use without the help of a fellow partner. A great deal of those flashes is used to attack and take over territories in the guide. This blaze on Cache is a critical one yet actually great because you don’t need to pivot, you only need to push.

Another spot that can be difficult to drive without utilizing no less than one flash bang is short on Dust2. Go for the slant right alongside the stairs and keep running in a straight line as you toss it. If you succeed, if you’re lucky, it doesn’t matter where viewing it from, because they will even believe it’s Christmas.  Play around on void servers and try to discover flashes such as the two aforementioned. Taking a close look at matches is most likely one of the best approaches to find new tosses that you have seen before. HLTV.org is one of the most crucial assets, as much as expert demos is concerned.

Smoke explosives and timing

CS GO Smoke grenade

It takes 15 seconds from when a smoke ammunition explodes until it vanishes totally. Knowing this is crucial, especially when you need to postpone your opponent’s assault.  For instance, safeguarding B on Dust2 and you have saved yourself. They only have 40 seconds for the game to end and suddenly your partner on long just saw an enemy. And you very well know the terrorists require less than five seconds to plant the bomb. In this situation, you need to make a wise decision.

Do you clutch the smoke for a few seconds or do you utilize it?  You need to watch out for what comes next. If it turns out the terrorist over on the opposite side of the guide didn’t fake, despite everything you have your smoke.

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