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Overwatch | IX Season started

In Overwatch started 9th Season of ranked matches. As in all previous seasons, all players need to play 10 placement matches to determine their rating. Competitive mode is opened on 25th level. It was created for those who want to test … Continue reading

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Overwatch – Competitive points

Recently Blizzard’s lead designer Scott Mercer at the official Overwatch’s forum tells about how player’s rating is calculated in the competitive. How player’s rating is calculated? There is a myth that spread among the players, that if they play as … Continue reading

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LoL new client

The new client is now ready to be released, but the developers want to make sure that its working as ordered and hold a short beta test. Not even beta test, they will just transfer players on it during a … Continue reading

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Ana Amari – Shoot your alies for the greater good!

Ana Amary – new hero in Overwatch, Sniper-Support, that appear in the game not too long ago, and already find her place in the hearts of many peoples. Ana Amari – probably the best support hero in Overwatch Ana is … Continue reading

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – Skins

How do Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Game’s Skins Function? Counter-Strike is one of the best first-person shooter games in the world. The game has been the talk of the town recently — and in a bad way. Following a report this … Continue reading

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Stream CS GO: creating a channel, pt 1.

CS GO Stream: creating a popular channel Stream – definition The number of streams for CS GO today is estimated not even hundreds, and thousands, that allows us to understand not only how popular the game itself, but also the … Continue reading

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Counter-Strike Update, Patchnotes and New Rate of Recovery of Shooting Accuracy

Counter Strike : Global offensive was updated. Today was published a new update to CS: GO , in which Valve rework shooting with M4A1-S, M4A4, and the AK-47. We prepared a fresh patchlist ,which you can read below: Gameplay A new … Continue reading

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