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Play to win | How to rise Elo

Today I will tell you about the right way of playing League of Legends. Every second that you do not earn gold or exp, you decrease your winning chances. Elo rising | introduction Legendary LoL player and CLG captain HotshotGG … Continue reading

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LoL new client

The new client is now ready to be released, but the developers want to make sure that its working as ordered and hold a short beta test. Not even beta test, they will just transfer players on it during a … Continue reading

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Future of the League of Legend

Riot games was created 10 years ago, and developers can not even dream about this success. Every day LoL’s community encourage Riot games and show them a way where they need to develope League of Legends. But what are we … Continue reading

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League of Legends – Road to Challenger

League of Legends – from Noob to Pros Guides and reviews are great means to collect information about the game, “League of Legends’. There are various ways to make improvement in the game. When you heed the advice given by … Continue reading

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League of Legends – Film

LoL – The Movie Riots are dreaming to create a film in the universe of League of Legends and it champions on cinema screens, but the experience of other studios like Assassin’s Creed, in this field makes you think twice. Mainly … Continue reading

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