Play to win | How to rise Elo

Today I will tell you about the right way of playing League of Legends.

Every second that you do not earn gold or exp, you decrease your winning chances.

Elo rising | introduction

Legendary LoL player and CLG captain HotshotGG once said that every second of idling greatly decreases your winning chances. Let’s look into the game’s mechanic and learn how continuously farm of gold and exp can increase your winning chances. We will analyze what we know about LoL, what advantages you can obtain, and the success chances.

League of legends champion

For the most of you – League of Legends is just a game, in which even a kid can start to play. But in reality, you need many hours of hard work, read millions of various guides and continuously follow the game’s meta. Hour after hour, day after day, just to increase your Elo rating. You already may read some guides about this topic, but here I will start from the very beginning.

Let’s learn the concept of the in-game mechanics, and this will greatly help us in future, increasing our winning changes in each ranked match. Moreover, as soon as you learn the LoL’s logic and obtain a Competitive spirit, you can use this knowledge in all other competitive games. So let’s end with the introduction.

Elo rising | Mechanics in figures

Let’s start with the simple fact – You can destroy enemy nexus without killing any champion. This is why all professional players play as safe as they could. Most of the LoL professional players admit that fact that the most optimal position is near minions. And the optimal goal – to gain gold from minions. But this rule has two exceptions – Map objectives – Elemental Dragons and Baron Nashor.

Minions | CS

We have a beautiful table in google docs, that shows the rewards amount that you can obtain at the laning stage up to the 20 minutes of the match. A typical match in League of Legends changes its phases on that point. Early game changes into the mid game and the map objectives start to prevail over the casual farm.

lol elo champions

The researches we made, show that you need to prioritize melee minions during laning phase, this approach will give you the most gold. Melee and range minions upgraded with the same speed, but the starting gold for the melee minion is 22, while for a range – 18. Siege minions the most “tasty” target that gives you 27 gold. With each cycle minion upgraded, and a reward is increasing for one gold.

A player with the perfect CS stats can earn almost five thousands of gold in twenty minutes of the match. This is enough to buy Trinity Force and something more. The exp he obtains is enough to get fifteen level in Solo (14 thousands of experience for solo laning), eleven level in Duo (7500 exp points in Duo laning). This is a reward for just sitting on a lane and killing creeps, but the question is next: Can we obtain more gold and exp if we run across the map and gank everyone we can see?

Frags | Ganks

We learned the system of kills and assists in League of Legends and noticed that champion that deals the killing blow receive three hundreds of gold. If champion was killed, then reward for his head will be decreased by 9% until it reaches the lower limit – 52 gold. As soon as the champion with a death streak make a kill, the reward for his head is returned to normal 300 gold.

And the reward for the killer’s head increases by 10% for each kill he was done, and this bonus nullified when the champion dies.

A little table for a Killer’s head reward:

  • 1 kill – 300 gold
  • 2 kill – 330 gold
  • 3 kill – 363 gold
  • 4 kill – 399 gold Killing Spree
  • 5 kill – 439 gold Rampage
  • 6 kill – 483 gold Unstoppable
  • 7+ kill – 500 gold Godlike, Legendary

Another table:

  • 1 death – 300 gold
  • 2 death – 273 gold
  • 3 death – 216 gold
  • 4 death – 170 gold
  • 5 death – 135 gold
  • 6 death – 106 gold
  • 7 death – 84 gold
  • 8 death – 66 gold
  • 9 death – 52 gold

So we learn how game rewarding us for kills, and now let’s learn how it rewards us for assisting. If the champion who dealt finishing blow get a full price, the assisters obtain only a bonus reward that is shared to everyone who participated in that killing.

But enough of theory, let’s go straight to numbers. In the early game, each champion kill is equal to 16 minions (I took the average reward for one minion as 19 gold). But at the third minute of the match champion kill is equal to 15 minions; at the ninth minute – 14, and at the 21-th minute – only equals to 12 minions. That means that to have equal gold as a farming team mate you need to kill an enemy champion every 90 seconds. In the conditions of the normal games, this is practically impossible so the pure farm is looking much more profitable. But as soon as the mid game started, the advantages of champion kills greatly increases because they give you an opportunity to do a map objective. And as I said before, mid game is such phase of LoL where map objectives took first place in your priority list.

I so often mention map objectives, that I think that it is the time to talk about them.

Map objectives | Elemental Dragons and Baron Nashor

A random elemental dragon appears on the map when the timer shows 2:30 and they have respawn timer that equals to 6 minutes. Each team that slays elemental dragon receive a random that depends on the dragon’s type.

Elemental Dragons

But here we speak not about buffs, but about gold and exp, so 1 elemental dragon gives 190 gold to each member of your team, and this approximately equals to two kills. Armed with this knowledge, we can calculate that even suicidal steal of the Dragon by jungler with smite is definitely worth it. An enemy will obtain 475 gold (300 for kill and 175 for an assist), and your team will receive 975 gold in total. Always calculate your risks when you aiming at dragon stealing.

The reward for elemental dragons does not change during the game, and the benefits from them are slowly decreasing during the game.

Baron Nashor

Now let’s talk about our Baron. Baron Nashor appears on the mat at the 20 minute and has a 7 minute respawn timer. A reward for the Baron’s head is equal to 300 gold and 900 exp each. In total we receive 1500 gold and 4500 exp point. Let’s glance at the table, and what we see here? Slaying Baron Nashor is equaled to 15 minions slays by each champion in a team.

Now let’s compare Nashor with the champion kills, one baron equals to 4 champion kills. This means that suicidal Baron slaying by the whole team does not worth it at all. But still, Baron is the top second target on our priority list, only Nexus destroying is more important than Baron Nashor.


League of Legends is the game where victory is earned not by fingers, but by brain activity.

lol elo promotion

So what have we learn today? Champion killing and taking map objectives like Elemental Dragons and Baron Nashor is a risky thing, but the rewards are too attractive. That why safe game style is highly recommended for ranking games, playing safely you accumulate your strength and do not risk anything.

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