League of Legends – Film

LoL – The Movie

Riots are dreaming to create a film in the universe of League of Legends and it champions on cinema screens, but the experience of other studios like Assassin’s Creed, in this field makes you think twice.

LoL Movie

Mainly these experience were unsuccessful. They would gladly get to the creation of the own movie, but Riot understand that they should not rush.

Developers about LoL

But that does not mean that they are sitting idly. Unlike of games, the movies require a completely different approach, so developers are gradually working on opening new Horizons. Riot have a lot of talented people who have already started experimenting with different formats of storytelling, and hope that one day we’ll see the fruits of these experiments on the big screen (or on the small, in general, where it’s most appropriate). We are also looking for more convenient ways to share existing and new stories with you, and one of our findings is the recently opened “universe” site.

lol film

We believe that all works about of the League of Legends must remain faithful to the ancestors and reflect the passion with which we all belong to the game and its universe. “We have a challenging task ahead of us, but we will certainly be capable of dealing with it in detail.”

writer’s note: I thinking about this blog, and decide to write about LoL too. Because i really love to create something and Overwatch’s update speed is qute low, so i have a planty of free time to write about something else. So i decided to highlight some really interesting news about League of Legends.

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Junkrat – Psycho with grenade launcher

Junkrat – Demoman in Overwatch

Junkrat and Roadhog

Junkrat is an extremely easy hero, just like Demo-man in Team Fortress 2. All you need – understand the trajectory of his grenades and then just shoot them around!

I think Junkrat takes the most profit in fact that in Overwatch Heroes have infinite ammo. His grenades are powerful, have long damage range, and you can shoot them in windows or over the wall, staying in shelter.

Just like in Team Fortress 2 you need to Demo Spam with your grenades. Do not hesitate to miss, just shoot and some of your grenades will definitely hit the target. This is super actual on maps where you need to catch the point from enemies. Especially he is good against immobilized Bastion, just check where he sit, and then start spamming. Also he is great to break through barriers like Winston’s and Reinhardt’s.

Abilities of grenademan

Junkrat Overwatch

Another great ability of Junkrat is a steel trap. You can defend your rares with it, because enemy will shoot at it, or just step on it and in both cases you will be alarmed by the game. Also Steel Trap is a perfect weapon against super mobile heroes like Tracer, Genji and etc. If they can not move anywhere they are just a punchbags. Also it will be a good idea to set a trap on a translocation beacon of Sombra, she will be surprised when she teleport to a “save” place and meet there you. Steel Trap + Land Mine is a good combo, but use it if you sure that in 10 second there will be an enemy in your trap, because Mine is a strong weapon, that you want to use as often as you can.

Junkrat do not receive damage from landmine, and can use is for some “landmine jumps”.  Always throw mine into a face of enemy and immediately blew it up. You will be safe, and your enemy, probably, dead.

And our main ability – Ultimate. It is so powerful, that all enemies that hear that we use it just flee from the battleground. And how do we scare them so much? We use our hellfire tire, that we have behind our back, and remote controlling it, Tire can climb on walls, so just go into the rear of enemy and then blew them up. But do not forget that enemies can destroy your tire, and especially good at this point – Reinhardt’s Fire Wave and Tonbjorn’s Turret. They will not pass your tire through.


In general Junkrat is a great hero, that is useful in any map at any mode. Hide, shoot, set traps. In two words: Have fun!

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Jack Morrison aka Soldier 76

We’re all Soldiers now


When Blizzard created Overwatch, they must have start a competition designed to come up with the most unoriginal character for this game. Well, who can look just banal on front of cyber samurai, monkey scientist, monk robot, or sniper and healer? Regular sniper? Here is she, and she has unique skills thereof character can not call “the most banal.” Maybe grenade-man? There are two of them – one crazy (at the level of the Joker from the universe of DC), and the other is able to fly. Healer? This angel in every sense of the word. Well, in the end, unable to find another way out, the developers made the most unoriginal character of the head of the Overwatch – Jack Morrison, who is also known as Soldier 76.

My impession about Soldier 76

Soldier 76 Jack Morrison

The soldier seems so boring hero that he even has no normal abilities (in addition to Ultimate). One allows him to run fast (yes, Jack, we have only one member of an elite military organization, which is able to run). The second is responsible for the rocket grenade launcher. The third establishes a first aid kit on the ground that at some time replace normal support. Ultimate of Soldier-76 just enable legal aimbot for 6 seconds and that’s all. Yes with it you will never miss, and all enemies will die under your onslaught, but this ability is boring!

Soldier 76 abilities

The soldier is very simple to learn, requires no special skills from the player, but it allows you to very effectively support the team both in attack and in defense. Yes, it has no breaking skills balance (Ultimate does not count). Yes, he is pretty average and on the damage done, and on survival. And yet, soldier – a very useful character, quite suitable for any mode and any characters ligament. Not enough damage? Grab Soldier. We need someone who can move quickly rush to point? And then Jack will fit perfectly. In the player suddenly began to play «You in the army now»? Take a Soldier, inciting the team to do the same, and turn the map to hell.

You mey need a help of Mercy, during the ultimate ability. Tactical Visor of Jack, allowing him to automatically target the enemy heroes, working six seconds, which under ideal conditions allows to put about 850 points of damage, excluding the grenade launcher. Use the visor, and you can not be afraid that your bullets fly “in milk”, so this capability is extremely useful against any Pharah, Tracer and other rapid and / or located at a distance heroes. The same ability to help in the group “team fights” at the point where you have no time to time switch up the target.


Soldier Overwatch

In general, the soldier-76 – is a simple and intuitive character which is easy playable for a both beginners and veterans. He does not require wild skill as Genji, or super reaction like Tracer, but it still does the job – hurts enemies and help to allies. And more, in general, and is not required.

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Ana Amari – Shoot your alies for the greater good!

Ana Amary – new hero in Overwatch, Sniper-Support, that appear in the game not too long ago, and already find her place in the hearts of many peoples.

Ana Amari – probably the best support hero in Overwatch

Ana Overwatch

Ana is a great addition for any team in Overwatch. She is a breath of fresh air, and self-contained character, and excellent support that can finally put an end to the inevitability of an Mercy.

Zenyattas buff will return him to Meta aswell, so we will likely see something new, instead of a pair of Mercy + Lucio in professional games. And on public servers – for sure.

Ana, as the Widowmaker has a sniper scope on the right button, but in contrast to the sexy French sniper you will have to use it quite rare. Basically, Ana must keeps much closer to the front line, as it needs to be in the thick of things, in order to effectively use her grenades and sleep dart, and to get to the wounded allies at the time. Shoot fellows with syringe through the sniper scope from some sniper spot – bad plan itself, as they will constantly disappearing from sight of view.

Special abilities of Pharah’s mother

Ana and Pharah

Grenade, in my opinion, the key feature of Ana. It heals allies on the 100, causing 60 damage to enemies , but the main thing – she hangs on your heroes buff that accelerate healing, and on opponents – debuff, thats switching off their heal at all. They can not pick up a first aid kit, a Roadhog and a Soldier 76 can not heal themself – it’s hardly hit enemies, that relying on selfheal or on Mercy.

It is hard to hit enemies with her sleeping dart – while Ana aimed, it tooks some time. But it extremily useful to disable some ultimates. See Pharah that hang in air? Shoot the dart! Empowered Reinhardt tun just at you? Shoot the dart! Roadhog use his ultimate? You know what to do!

Of course, the main problem of sleep dart is in the fact that all of your efforts by lulling the enemy are nullified by a careless shot from some of the Allies. You are with incredible luck shot Genji that drew his sword, and one of your teammates wake him uo, and then he went on to cut out your team, starting with you, a harmless one-eyed grandmother.

But remember that you must focus on healing. Her rifle has no critical attacks and deal only 80 damage. 88 damage per second – not the best result. Even Mercy deal 100 damage per second. So focus on healing. Do not even try to counter Widowmaker, Hanzo or any other sniper. Always throw your grenades, and try to aim in tanks, or under your legs if there is no heals around.

Nano boost form Ana – best support ultimate ever!

Ana Amari

And our perfect ultimate – nanoboost. Try to use it on allies that already have ultimate, just imagine Reaper that deal 50% greater damage with his death blossom, or Reinhardt that after stun just wipe out entire team with his fire wave an pair of attack. Remember that your ultimate also increase damage reduction of allies, so use it on Genji when he use his ult – smart idea. Genji thats deal more than 200 damage with single blow of katana – that’s the dream man.

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Genji – deadly shadow above your supports

Cyborg Ninja – Genji

Genji cyborg

Genji, in my opinion, is the most dynamic and adrenaline character in the Overwatch. Yes, the game for Tracer also requires a crazy reaction rate and a million actions per second, but annoying Briton moves only in one direction, while the Japanese cyborg has a double jump, the ability to climb walls (like his archer brother) and a lightning dash, which moves him much farther than the Tracers blink, and in any direction and not only along the plane. Jump up and cut off that hovering in the air Pharrah or Mercy – supreme pleasure.

Just look at the game of the best ninja in pro-scene (Seagull, Shadder2k, Surefour), in order to understand what kind of grinder can arrange a skinny Japanese man with a pair of swords and shurikens. And I’m not talking about a one-time “kurae” (His battle cry in the Ultimate «Ryūjin no ken wo kurae»), where the average Genji can slaughter a couple of people and then die “Bue-e” or slice up the whole team that was pulled together with graviton of Zarya. Of course pro-Genji is deadly without the sword, although during his ultimate he generally turns into a killing machine.

Deadly Abilities

Genji ult

Both his abilities are amazing and they allow to deal with almost any opponent. Reflection is useful not only against blunt bastions, they can reflect the Ultimate like Blizzard or the Graviton, Pharrah feed with her own missile or to flash the enemy team with Flamestrike from Reinhardt or Symmetras power ball. You can even protect yourself against Rainhardts hammer – you will not strike his hammer back, but you will remain harmless. Reflection – the main protective mechanism of junior Shimada, so it is important to not lose it before the critical moment.

Lightning Strike” (aka “Dash“) allows you to instantly move to a few meters in the direction of view, and sliced with a sword all that come on your way (causing 50 damage). The critical feature of the Dash is that it is recharged by killing an enemy. It is allowed to arrange the killing chain during Ultimate: blow katana (120 damage), stroke vakidzashi (regular melee strike – 30 damage), and dash in the direction of the next enemy (50 damage) in summary – 200 dmg.


Do not forget about reflection, while you are waving a sword – in the intervals between the murders, while you are looking for the next victim, you became an easy prey, so professionals typically use reflection, weaken the enemy by his own shots, and then finish him off. Genji are often used in tandem with “Pocket Mercy” (ie it mostly heals and strengthens one character), it works not only with Pharrah.

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CS:GO guide for beginners

How to learn to shoot well?

CS:GO tips

To exercise your Aim you need to play the AIM maps exclusively with real people, bots will not fit. You have to shoot only in the head and only with a few rounds. If you like AK-47 and you do not know how to play with it, then you need to play with it until you reach your top. If during your workout you have a lot of deaths, do not worry, because you are training.

During the game you should always move, but when you shoot at the enemy, you must stop for a moment, shoot a few rounds and then immediately change your position. If your favorite weapon is M4a1, then you still have to train AK-47 because during the game you can pick up this weapon.


For burst shooting workout you will certainly need the map “training_aim_csgo”,you can easily find it in the workshop. You need to choose the burst shooting and reduce the target to a size of a head. Do not forget what I wrote earlier: you should not be playing with only one Ak-47 or M4a1.

How to shoot with the AWP?


I’ll tell you about the maps where you can train your skills with AWP. In principle, any suitable “awp” map: awp_lego or what else, but again do not forget that you need to train with real people. Try to choose a map similar to dust2 for example.

One of the most common mistakes of snipers is walking with enabled zoom. It is a gross error, and with such tactics of the game you will not get far. With zoom you can walk in only one out of 10 cases. Try to shoot with the first zoom, because the second is almost useless on competitive maps.

Never turn off the zoom with a mouse clicks, take a knife or a gun, in the first place it is quickly, and secondly there is a chance that the enemy will not hear you.

Pistol round

CS:GO aim at head

First round – is a foundation of your game. But if you can not fire properly, you will lose it in mostly cases.

DeathMatch servers can help you with that issue. Train your Pistol, but remember that Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists have a different guns, so find your favorite or just train with the basic weapons – USP, Glock.

Always try to shoot at the head, because in the first round no one can afford the helmet, but many people buy a kevlar for protection. Train your aim well, and all Pistol Rounds will be yours, because many people underestimate pistols.


Almost all players use a headset, and can easily hear from which side you will approach, so run only a few second from the beginning of the round, all the rest time try to walk. You will have a huge advantageous if you can predict where enemies are. Always remember that skill of listening can make your day.

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How to become a strong CS:GO player?

Few Advices from a experienced Counter Strike: Global Offensive player

CS:GO game

It’s no secret that in order to succeed in the level of personal skill in the game you need a lot of practice, but a simple practice, and spending days on Public servers is not enough and it does not make a really strong player in Counter-Strike Global Offensive from you. This article will be divided into a few parts that will help you in the future not only enjoy the game, but at the same time become better in the eyes of your friends and foes.

Get rid of the excess.

First you need to understand yourself and overcome your gaming fears. Many players make a huge mistake by sitting in one place and afraid to go face to face with the enemy, intead of this they sit and waiting for a strong player in the hope of killing him, but that in 80% of cases leads to the collapse.

CS:GO professional team

What to do? Not afraid to lead an aggressive game, this article will help you to develop strategic skills, an understanding of the enemy and prediction of his actions. The following articles will fit only for those who do not like to sit and wait when enemies will find them.

The duration of the game.

Do not forget about reality, it is not necessary to play for days spending all your time in the game, it is enough to play 3-5 hours in a day with breaks for a walk (get some fresh air, eat well, drink tea, etc.)

Watching the professional games

CS:GO professional

More and more often Counter Strike: Global Offensive tournaments held and all those who have a game can watch tournaments live right in the game, see the game online, watch the players from professional teams, and gain experience from them.

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

CS:GO Review

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike players spend most of their time learning about where to a move, how to do it and when to do, and for this reason, they are always getting better.

There are two modes in this game; terrorist striving hard to plant a bomb while Counter-Terrorists look for the weapons and get rid of them, or Counter-Terrorists rescuing hostages while Terrorists try to destroy them. Money gotten from kills or team success lets you purchase better weapons before each session, and these modes let you take a tour of some of the best shooter levels ever made.

Dust, Aztec, Italy, Train, Nuke, Dust 2, Office as well as Inferno. You are also given superficial awards as well as MVP points. However, apart from that, there’s no XP-based classes, progression, and custom builds, and once you die, there’s no spawning until the next session stands, so life is a bit more important than it is in other shooters.

This game is an easy skill-based game, then, and if you get straight into core modes, then you will find everyone else is highly skilled already. Even in Casual mode, where you can switch the friendly fire and everyone depends on Kevlar to give them a bit more protection, the rule of play is still very extreme – the ‘Casual’ reference depends on how fast the maps move.

I have played Counter-Strike thousands of hours in total, and these to be honest are not new maps, so I learned every choke point, shortcut, tricks and maximum vantage point, but it was still hard, and I was struggling to safeguard my life when I started back. Those who don’t know you need to fire in bursts manually crouch to improve accuracy are going to get killed more often. The game doesn’t appear cartoony like in the past, but CS GO still has a lot of the classic slapstick humor of the game – like excessive physics.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Another multiplayer FPS where beginners can look forward to playing for hours, crushing failure before you get anyway?  The answers to that question are both yes and no. If you begin with the main modes, you’re going to face a lot of troubles before you taste the honey air at the top of the pinnacle.

Nowadays, you can also practice the game offline with bots. The best thing about the bots is that it won’t abuse you when you are defeated but who will put up a very tough challenge.

Also, there are new modes. There is the Demolition and Arms Race. The modes are extracted from Gun Game, which you may recall from Call of Duty. Black Ops’ Wager Match choices but which started life as a Counter-Strike modification, and the primary goal is that every moment time you kill a target you are awarded a new weapon.

In Arms Race, it is team deathmatch, but it’s free for everyone, but there are only half the guys in the game that shoot at you, and you have to strive extremely hard to get the rifles, pistols, shotguns, as well as sniping your way to the golden knife. You become a winner if you become the first one to register a kill. On the other hand, re-spawning is quicker and furious, and there are some small-scale, individual maps for this particular mode, thanks to the CODs and Quakes of the world, with rat runs as well as crisscrossing walkways that expose you.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The other mode, Demolition is the people’s favorite mode. It is the core Counter-Strike bomb-defused objective model with rules that have inspired by the gun game, adjusted so that you receive a new weapon after you kill in each round and so that the arms become weaker. Beginning with, say, an M4A4 rifle as well as moving toward less powerful pistols as well as manual-reload guns.

This might not be impressive if you were playing on the bigger classic maps, but there are a few incredible small-scale Demolition war grounds instead, each featuring a bomb site at its core, such as a log cabin with a floor- safely kept in a room as well as a bank with a vault kept right on the counter. Each team can fight the other at intervals of about five and ten seconds, and there is a plenty of time limit on personal grounds, so even rapid death is not a big thing, where it can take you right on the bench for a few hours in the main game.

Several other console-minded features and adjustments also make it easier to get into the game than it was before. The game also features radial selection menu for purchasing weapons at the beginning of each session may result to grumbles with computer gamers – it is ideal for analog sticks but doesn’t make sense if you use number keys to make purchase commands.

The use of efficient matchmaking, as well as a lobby system, is also a boost to every system, though, and computer players can always embark on the old-style server browser if you wish to play on non-Valve servers or custom maps.

Between these few adjustments and the inclusion of Demolition and Arms Race, Counter-Strike. The makers of Global Offensive must reduce the distance to gratification for amateur gamers. In the newly introduced modes, quick turnover and the inclusion of new weaponry when you kill a target means that you will witness the intense action, and you will also understand how the game goes if you’re the new player.

For the rest of the players, there are incredible additions in the game such as tight new maps that quickly diffuse themselves into your mind. The other interface alterations either make the game easier to play in an agreeable manner or prove benign.

The other noticeable changes in the game go a bit deeper, but they are still fine really. There are certain layout changes to the maps – the most notable is the addition of a staircase to the tunnel part of Dust – and well, these were based on long time worth of telemetry informing the developers that gamers were either favoring or avoiding specific places and tactics because imbalance.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

They adjusted the dynamic of the maps. However, time will tell whether they destroyed them either in a positive or negative way. In the meantime, it’s simple to judge the new grenades – the incendiary and Molotov cocktail are vicious small creatures who spread puddles of flame, blocking choke points entirely, while the decoy grenade is a crucial tool for an isolated player to confuse aggressors.

 Is Counter-Strike for everyone?

Potentially. Judging by the many reviews where dedicated gamers have been helping to test the game for the previous years. Not everyone loves Valve’s treatment, but given that the negative reviews range from the relatively obscure to the extremely subjective, it looks like the prolonged closed beta period has cooled down many people.

There is one huge problem with the game, though, and it is very simple, there are no new maps for the game, but really? This game continues to be released simultaneously on PS3, computer, Xbox, and Mac, as well as 360 but is so easy to deduce that it exists because Valve requires current-generation console gamers to have access to it, which until today, they have not done anything, rather than because computer players needed it. It something that is incredibly frustrating and it needs to be addressed, given that it’s exactly what we earlier said about Counter-Strike: Source, the previous CS overhaul when it was initially launched in the year 2004.

Also, these designs are very classic for one good reason; each altered and balanced to make tremendous variety and inhibit specialist domination. Wherever you tread you will find a hotchpotch of corridors, covered markets and long sight lines, train yards and courtyards as well as perfect for middle-distance cover-shoot.

The modest graphical overhaul of this game does absolutely nothing to compromise that balance and even the tucks and nicks are only in reaction to an in-depth study of years of player data.  Probably the emphasis on reliable designs is just for those who own colognes, but it’s not just nostalgia that gives uttermost pleasure but the whole game in general.

Modern military shooters are also known as disposable cliché, with so many ideas as well as maps that we will forget sooner than we think, whether it’s in the bouncy, power-up-heavy arcade instant kill frenzies of Battlefield’s Black Hawk Down or  Call of Duty -infused running cross-country. The core of this fantastic game is a reminder that quality can not only be permanent and imperative, but rather fleeting, and the latest additions give players valid reasons to take interest and eventually a great way for players who are looking for something different.


From the long review above, we can deduce and say that Counter Strike: Global Offensive is a fantastic game, and you should check it out and see for yourself.

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – Skins

How do Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Game’s Skins Function?

CS:GO Skins

Counter-Strike is one of the best first-person shooter games in the world. The game has been the talk of the town recently — and in a bad way. Following a report this that was published in spring, about the loyal fans of the game primarily using it to gamble.

Then a massive scandal erupted to light in which a few well-known Counter-Strike YouTube individuals were referred to as the owners of a Global Offensive betting site that they marketed in most of their videos.

How did it all come to this?

How did a mere game become a gateway to gambling for players worldwide, where many claim to be under the legal gambling age in America?

Well, the answer to this question lies on the “skins” in Global Offensive game, and no, and you need to know the word ‘’skin’’ has nothing to do with the term “having skin in the game.”  This article will try as much as possible to explain all this.

What is a skin?

The word ‘’skin’’ in a video game such as this has a different meaning; it may mean something else either for character or item. However, in this context of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, skin is also referred to as finish, which is an exceptional visual design for an arm, whether it’s a knife or a firearm.


What does a skin do?

A skin in Global Offensive is nothing but a cosmetic product; this means it has an effect on the look of a weapon, not the firepower. For instance, The P90 submachine gun acts the same way in the Global Offensive regardless of whether it comes in the sand spray or leather skins.

How long have skins been in Global Offensive?

The developers claim the skin is in the game as an “Arms Deal” update, which Valve released in mid-August 2013. The update came with over 100 skins categorized into ten themed “collections“, such as Office, Assault, Dust as well as Aztec.

 What kinds of skins are available?

Global Offensive comes with so many skins such as the realistic ones as well as the absurd skins.  Most of the skins are finishes that can give a player a tactical advantage. Like the Aztec skins have camouflage that makes guns blend into a jungle environment.

CS:GO Nuke Skins

However, there are numerous outlandish skins such as the Akihabara Accept, which is technically an assault rifle with an anime magazine cover engraved on either side

“Although we initially thought military camouflage was somewhat unusual,” said Bronwen Grimes, a technical representative at Valve, during the public forum in 2013 in Conference for developers,” we found out that the players take into account are finished that are a lot more of a paintball gun.”

Skins come in various quality grades, which shows the rarity of skin — and so, its value. In ascending order from the lowest rarity to highest one,  there is the  Consumer Grade which is quite common   Industrial Mil-Spec Grade (Rare), Grade (Uncommon), Classified (Legendary), Restricted (Mythical), Gold (Exceedingly Rare) as well as the Covert (Ancient).

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Utility Grenades Guide

How to use utility grenades in Counter-Strike

CS GO He grenade

One-way smokes

Is there much else irritating than to get murdered by somebody you cannot even see? An all-around put smoke screen usually brings about what is called a restricted smoke which fundamentally implies you can see a person while playing but they can’t view you.

Spread over the maps is one of the tricks of one-way smoke-spots. If you witness smoke in any of the areas, then it is advisable to take a few shots just to ensure nobody’s holding up behind it. Here are two or three scenarios of one-way smoke.

What you need to know about pop flashes

A flash bang that “pops” while it is getting into the field of vision of a player is referred to as a pop glimmer.  The reason for the pop flashes is basically to give your competitors a small window to pivot as could be expected under the situations. You have to stand only behind a corner, and you also need a partner to glimmer you while playing. By doing this, perhaps you will completely discover your foe flashed or with his back confronting you if you time it correctly.

Besides, there are several better than average pop flares that you can use without the help of a fellow partner. A great deal of those flashes is used to attack and take over territories in the guide. This blaze on Cache is a critical one yet actually great because you don’t need to pivot, you only need to push.

Another spot that can be difficult to drive without utilizing no less than one flash bang is short on Dust2. Go for the slant right alongside the stairs and keep running in a straight line as you toss it. If you succeed, if you’re lucky, it doesn’t matter where viewing it from, because they will even believe it’s Christmas.  Play around on void servers and try to discover flashes such as the two aforementioned. Taking a close look at matches is most likely one of the best approaches to find new tosses that you have seen before. HLTV.org is one of the most crucial assets, as much as expert demos is concerned.

Smoke explosives and timing

CS GO Smoke grenade

It takes 15 seconds from when a smoke ammunition explodes until it vanishes totally. Knowing this is crucial, especially when you need to postpone your opponent’s assault.  For instance, safeguarding B on Dust2 and you have saved yourself. They only have 40 seconds for the game to end and suddenly your partner on long just saw an enemy. And you very well know the terrorists require less than five seconds to plant the bomb. In this situation, you need to make a wise decision.

Do you clutch the smoke for a few seconds or do you utilize it?  You need to watch out for what comes next. If it turns out the terrorist over on the opposite side of the guide didn’t fake, despite everything you have your smoke.

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