Overwatch | Summer games started!

Overwatch – Let the summer games begin!

Blizzard Company announced the beginning of a special summer event Summer Games Overwatch 2017. The game Lucioball, which has become popular with many players, again came back to the game, offering to play an unusual sports match, with the help of various abilities of the most famous DJ from the Overwatch’s world. Please note that in addition to the normal mode, you can try your hand at the rating matches of the Lucioball, and for good results in it, players are waiting for pleasant rewards.

Overwatch Summer games 2017

In addition to Lucioball and the return of last year’s hero skins, all the players are waiting for new skins on their favorite characters, so if you’ve always wanted to see Widow in a bikini, then the perfect moment has come.

The summer event will last from now until August 29. In addition, prices for last year’s images were lowered.

Overwatch – Lucibol will get its own competitive mode

Director of the team shooter Overwatch Jeff Kaplan posted a new video. And it became known that the event “Summer Games” will begin already on August 8. Even if you missed this event last year, then do not worry, since the skins from the “Summer Games 2016” will also be available to you. And the most important thing is that people can buy them for playing credits.

Widowmaker in bikini legendary skin

Naturally, we should also expect new content. For example, Junkrat will acquire a legendary sports skin, and Mercy will become a happy owner of a new appearance of a goddess. In addition, according to Jeff, fans of Widowmaker and McCree will also be satisfied.

The cost of images from the “Summer Games 2016” will be reduced to the level of the cost of skins from ordinary containers (that is, for a legendary look you will have to pay only 1000 credits). Will return to Overwatch and Lucioball. This time it will take place not only at the stadium in Rio but also in the Sydney sports arena.

And you can no longer stand in the gate of the enemy and push the goalkeeper aside. Simply put, the developers have removed the ability to repel other players, as many considered it unfair. Also, Lucio’s superpower in this mode was changed. Now it increases the speed of the character (you move faster, push the ball harder and jump much higher).

Summer games Reaper legendary skin

In the section “Arcade” will be a new map – the Lucio Cup. In fact, this is the competitive mode of Lucioball, which will be available within three weeks. If you participate in ten competitive matches of Lucioball, then you will be given special graffiti, and if you get to be among the 500 best players in Lucioball in your region, then you will get one more unique graffiti.

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