Overwatch | IX Season started

In Overwatch started 9th Season of ranked matches. As in all previous seasons, all players need to play 10 placement matches to determine their rating.

Competitive mode is opened on 25th level. It was created for those who want to test their skill against other players. Rewards and the whole gameplay here are much more serious and nervous, then in Quick Match or Arcade.

Rewards for Competitive Matches in Overwatch

For each victory, you will receive unique rewards. By ending qualification matches during the season, you will get special prizes – graffiti and a special label. Besides all of this, for each victory during the season you will get special victory points, and for the season end you will receive a whole bundle of them, the amount depends on your overall rating. They could be exchanged for a gold weapon for your favorite heroes.

Blizzard World

overwatch blizzard world

In the 9 Season of Overwatch, the new map is opened for competitive mode – Blizzard World. This is quite a theme park with elements from all Blizzard’s games. You will need to attack (or defend, depends on your team) a cargo that will pass Azeroth, Tristram, and Koprulu sector. A great news for all who loves nostalgic feelings.

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