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Recently Blizzard’s lead designer Scott Mercer at the official Overwatch’s forum tells about how player’s rating is calculated in the competitive.

How player’s rating is calculated?

There is a myth that spread among the players, that if they play as a support their rating grows slower then if they play as offensive. And lead Overwatch’s designer shared his thoughts about this problem.

New system in Overwatch 1.9

Overwatch competitve points

In the 1.9 update, where Orisa was released, Blizzard changed competitive points system a bit because this system works not as we wanted: cooperation count even in those cases when the player you helped deal a tiny amount of damage. In the Overwatch 1.9 update, this bug was fixed, and some more balance strings were added. All this means that we need to rebalance the system, that counts your competitive points after a match. Developers did their job and even calibrate this system in 1.10 Overwatch’s patch.

Now the system takes into account all your action during the match. Player “On Fire” mode activated not just because he plays cool, but plays better than allies. And competitive points that you will receive after the game, will not be affected by actions of your team.

Competitive points are still a problem

Overwatch developer update

Blizzard still receives a lot of tickets that saying that their rating grows slower if playing as support. Developers still making researchers and do not see any systematical problem that can affect all support heroes in all rating matches. Maybe this problem appears with certain heroes, gameplay style or some gaming situations. Developers still checking all rating code.

Also, Blizzard’s developers asking to sent them more reviews, tickets and all other data, to help them fix all bugs in this shooter. They are so helpful, and none of them is staying unread. If they see some problems, they doing everything is possible to fix it.

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