Overwatch: How to climb Ranked ladder in Season 13

Overwatch is an incredible game with the widest champion choice and every one of them is different. Design, play style, aggression – all these could vary from hero to hero. Some fulfill the traditional tank role, providing cover for the rest team, while other charging into the enemy’s ranks and confusing them with devastating blows. Fragile heroes, like all supports, are hate aggressive tanks because nobody, except Reaper, could defend them from death. These heroes are used as a tool by Overwatch Boosters to promote your account to the desired heights.


In this articles, I will highlight the best heroes to climb the ranked ladder in Season 13 in all three roles. That data was gathered thanks to the Overbuff.

Best Overwatch Tanks in Season 13

Tanks are very strong right now, and Winston, D.Va, Reinhardt, and Zarya are extremely good in current Meta. Reinhardt is still holding the throne (I am not surprised at all), but he is just slightly stronger than the other heroes.

DVa is one of the best tanks in the game, thanks to the mobility and wonderful ultimate ability. She could soak a lot of damage with her shields and Hana Song has enough damage to quickly destroy squishy supports without escapes like Zenyatta, Lucio, Ana (Just remember to soak her sleeping dart).

no mercy

Zarya. Zarya is back in the competitive games thanks to her monstrous damage. If you’ll manage to hold her power nearly 100%, then you will slice through your enemies like a hot knife through butter. But her Energy system is quite tricky to master, so prepare for a ton of hours in quick matches.

Best Overwatch Supports in Season 13

Support in most situations could not solo carry the game, but an impact is precious. So if you chose this road, then you must master two best support heroes that I’ve ever seen.

Ana Amary, this old lady is back in the Competitive Overwatch Scene, thanks to the all recent buffs. But be sure that your aim is in the perfect shape. Ana proved that she could heal anything in a few rounds, and her sleeping dart is too op, especially if you manage to hit the core role in a decisive fight, and no one from your team woke your target up. Ultimate is still strong enough, but I still miss the old one, which increased movement speed dramatically.

reinana nanoboost

Moira will be a great pick if you are looking for a mix of insane healing and pretty solid damage dealing abilities. There are two Overwatch heroes that hit these requirements, but with Zenyatta, you need to aim. Moira just cone healing anyone in front of her and dealing damage with a sticky beam (like Symmetra has before rework). And of course wonderful Ultimate and escaping ability!

Best Overwatch Attackers (DPS) in Season 13

Hanzo and Junkrat is the top tier DPS pick, due to the Overbuff statistics. Widowmaker is too a solid choice, but only because she is a skill-based hero she took her third place.

Hanzo’s new mobility and bursting shots is a nice killing machine. Of course, I will miss the ability to one-shot all kind of tanks, but the replacement is pretty nice. A storm of highly damaging arrows is pretty frightening. And never forget about Dragon Strike that could easily wipe the entire team, if they’ll waste just a second.

Junkrat with his demospam and zoning ability is one of the best choices you could make. Especially he strong in corridors or alleyways, so be sure that this hero will be picked by you! Never forget to place traps and explosive mines, you could even make the environment kills with it. Junkrat is a super fun character!

Widowmaker is a pain in the back of all supports. She could one shot EVERY one of them, so never forget about shield barriers if enemies have Widow in their pick. Her versatile allows being great both in attack and in the defense.

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