League of Legends – Road to Challenger

League of Legends – from Noob to Pros

Guides and reviews are great means to collect information about the game, “League of Legends’. There are various ways to make improvement in the game. When you heed the advice given by experts, you can learn quickly and move to level 30 very easily. The losses can be minimized and the enemy can be captured quickly when you are aware of rights ways in utilizing various resources in the game.

Explore characters

http://kotaku.com/tag/league-of-legends will help you understand about various characters. You should explore the potential of each character so that there will be tremendous impact on the enemy. You should go through walkthroughs and detailed guides so that league characters can be built in the best possible way.

LoL champions

There are sources for beginners as well as experienced players. Beginners can go through Mobafire, Lolking and Probuilds. As a beginner, you might find it difficult to understand league guides as they are not step-by-step instruction manuals. However, you can find useful information from these resources so that you can make advancement in the game very easily. You will understand about the type of gear that you should purchase. The purchase should be done as per the character and position. Before taking advice, you should go through the right guide.

Cost and availability of items

When you are playing the game as a beginner, you are likely to assume that others are experts. When you are advised by other players, you should cross check the same so that the time, effort and resource will not be wasted. You should make a plan to purchase items. the planning should take place before starting the game. You should buy items as per your style of game and position. You should become comfortable with the gameplay so that you will be able to choose most appropriate items to fulfill your needs.

Ingame items

You should be aware of the cost and availability of items. you should make plans to stay in the lane until you can manage gold to purchase additional items. However, you might want to buy different kinds of items based on the change in the game. Items should be purchased as per your affordability. Even though you have a loosely structured plan, it will help you procure most appropriate items to make progress in the game.

Gaming accessories

The gaming peripherals should be upgraded to make great progress in the game. If you have access to mechanical keyboard or a gaming mouse, control can be exercised very quickly. You can also manage a quality headset so that you can hear instructions from others very easily.

How to improve your game?

To improve your game you are advised to play with other friends so that you will learn new skills and they can be put into practice very easily. when you join with friends, you are likely to play with others who had joined League of Legends long before. When you play with the help of experienced friends, you will learn tips and tricks to stay in the game for a long period of time.

Average match time

You should be present in front of the desk for the whole game so that the opportunities can be utilized to your advantage. The league games played on Summoner’s Rift will run in between 30 and 45 minutes. There are some games which go for one hour as well. As you assign a task, you should have the commitment to complete the task. Great deal of dedication and effort should be placed to move forward in the game.

Avoid distractions

To make progress in the game, you should avoid all kinds of distractions. http://kotaku.com/tag/league-of-legends will help you understand about different modes present in the game and you will be able to learn survival skills.

Arcade LoL skins

You should overcome distractive forces in the game so that you will settle for the best. If you are made to look away from the desktop, it should be considered as a distraction. To avoid distraction from the telephone, you should keep it in silent mode. If you are rearing pets in home, they should be located far away from the console.

The game should be started when you are free from the burdens of this world. If you are a student, you should want to spare sufficient time. If you are required to complete assignments before the stipulated date or time, it is not possible to pay undivided attention. If you are going through a life event such as birthday or anniversary, it is difficult to focus on the game. Hence, you should choose timings where you can give your 100% attention to the game. Unless there is absolute necessity, you should not go for AFK. If you go for them, there might be temporary suspension from the game. You will also cause distraction to other members in the team.

Staying alive in the game

You should focus on staying alive in the game. Death is a great blow in the game. If you die, your opponents will get large volume of gold and experience. These are assets which make them powerful and it is difficult for you to regain your position.

When the death takes place, you should want to sit through extended cooldowns. There will be a block to level up in the game. You should aspire to get more gold and items so that it can be leveled up in a very efficient way. The cooldown period will increase as the game progresses and you will want to die. Hence, the death or leading to death should be taken seriously and you should make plans to avoid it by all costs.

Kotaku will help you understand about the game in a better way and you will learn survival skills in a very efficient way. You should not become a food to other players. If there are repeated deaths, your game will slow down drastically. When you are killed by a single champion repeatedly, the champion will turn into a monster. In those cases, the entire team should fight against the monster to kill it successfully.

As soon as you notice that you are becoming a food to your opponent, you should call for assistance. The message can be conveyed through chat and other medium so that teammates will help you come out from the situation very easily. if you are going to die, you should figure out the reason for the same. If you are a beginner, you are prone to die many times. However, you should take an opportunity to learn from your mistakes so that they will not be committed again. You should implement a strategy to control your character death.

Protection from minions

When you stay behind minions, there will be great progress in the game. They will protect you from the damage in the best possible way. There will be absolute protection from towers, champions, and other minions. You should ensure that group of minions are into fighting so that there will be great protection from the damage. The aim of enemy towers can be diverted in a very efficient way.

summer minions

You should also find out the health bar of minions in your vicinity so that quick progress can be made in the game. You should not go through the situation where you will be stranded when all the minions die. It is advised to stay away from the range of towers also. Especially, when you are attacking an enemy tower, you should take steps to get protection from minions. On the other hand, you can take support from the closest tower if an opponent is pushing you. thus, you can manage an additional layer of defense and champions can be opposed in a very efficient way.

Creep Score

To achieve perfection in last hitting, you should practice it for a long period of time. As you practice over many games, you will gain the skill and experience. The level of farming can be noticed through the Creep Score. The number of minions killed by you will be denoted through the Creep Score. You can also check your score by visiting the ‘Match History’ page.

You can find the duration of the game by noticing the CS per minute. If you get at least 6 or 7, you can understand that you have managed a comfortable score.

The auto-attacking will not keep you in good position. The normal ebb will be disrupted. By last hitting, killing blows are stolen from your minions. If you follow minion, the risk of being killed will increase. if you stand behind the river that cuts through the middle of the river, you will be in safe position. If minions are pushed beyond the point, you will nudge into the danger zone.

Kotaku will give you vital information and clues to win the game, League of Legends. You should go through the quality information and update your skills and knowledge to survive in the game. By gaining knowledge and experience, you can move further and various levels can be reached very easily.

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