LoL new client

The new client is now ready to be released, but the developers want to make sure that its working as ordered and hold a short beta test. Not even beta test, they will just transfer players on it during a some period of time, and with small groups. Riot Games hoping to switch on the new client for one or two updates.

League Of Legends – New Client

So who will get update first? If you have been selected, then in the LoL client you should see a new screen and with it update will start downloading. Remember that during the testing you can always return to an old client, but this is not recommended, because in consequence Riot completely abandon old client because it is already obsolete and morally and technically.

Lol new client

If you tried Riots new client in the past, and think that is too slow, then just give it another chance. Riot Games updated it and now it much faster then it was before. Also new client have an special graphical switch, that will check your computer’s configuration and apply recommended graphical configurations in League of Legends. So if you have issues before, now new client will fix them for you.

How to send a ticket to Riot?

If you need to write a review or send a ticket you can use forum or send a request to a Riot. If you meet some technical problemms or errors please contact developers team with special button in the right bottom corner of your screen.

Whats next?

So if 1st stage of testing will go nice, then Riot games tells us about their plans about 2nd Stage.

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