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LoL – The Movie

Riots are dreaming to create a film in the universe of League of Legends and it champions on cinema screens, but the experience of other studios like Assassin’s Creed, in this field makes you think twice.

LoL Movie

Mainly these experience were unsuccessful. They would gladly get to the creation of the own movie, but Riot understand that they should not rush.

Developers about LoL

But that does not mean that they are sitting idly. Unlike of games, the movies require a completely different approach, so developers are gradually working on opening new Horizons. Riot have a lot of talented people who have already started experimenting with different formats of storytelling, and hope that one day we’ll see the fruits of these experiments on the big screen (or on the small, in general, where it’s most appropriate). We are also looking for more convenient ways to share existing and new stories with you, and one of our findings is the recently opened “universe” site.

lol film

We believe that all works about of the League of Legends must remain faithful to the ancestors and reflect the passion with which we all belong to the game and its universe. “We have a challenging task ahead of us, but we will certainly be capable of dealing with it in detail.”

writer’s note: I thinking about this blog, and decide to write about LoL too. Because i really love to create something and Overwatch’s update speed is qute low, so i have a planty of free time to write about something else. So i decided to highlight some really interesting news about League of Legends.

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