Junkrat – Psycho with grenade launcher

Junkrat – Demoman in Overwatch

Junkrat and Roadhog

Junkrat is an extremely easy hero, just like Demo-man in Team Fortress 2. All you need – understand the trajectory of his grenades and then just shoot them around!

I think Junkrat takes the most profit in fact that in Overwatch Heroes have infinite ammo. His grenades are powerful, have long damage range, and you can shoot them in windows or over the wall, staying in shelter.

Just like in Team Fortress 2 you need to Demo Spam with your grenades. Do not hesitate to miss, just shoot and some of your grenades will definitely hit the target. This is super actual on maps where you need to catch the point from enemies. Especially he is good against immobilized Bastion, just check where he sit, and then start spamming. Also he is great to break through barriers like Winston’s and Reinhardt’s.

Abilities of grenademan

Junkrat Overwatch

Another great ability of Junkrat is a steel trap. You can defend your rares with it, because enemy will shoot at it, or just step on it and in both cases you will be alarmed by the game. Also Steel Trap is a perfect weapon against super mobile heroes like Tracer, Genji and etc. If they can not move anywhere they are just a punchbags. Also it will be a good idea to set a trap on a translocation beacon of Sombra, she will be surprised when she teleport to a “save” place and meet there you. Steel Trap + Land Mine is a good combo, but use it if you sure that in 10 second there will be an enemy in your trap, because Mine is a strong weapon, that you want to use as often as you can.

Junkrat do not receive damage from landmine, and can use is for some “landmine jumps”.  Always throw mine into a face of enemy and immediately blew it up. You will be safe, and your enemy, probably, dead.

And our main ability – Ultimate. It is so powerful, that all enemies that hear that we use it just flee from the battleground. And how do we scare them so much? We use our hellfire tire, that we have behind our back, and remote controlling it, Tire can climb on walls, so just go into the rear of enemy and then blew them up. But do not forget that enemies can destroy your tire, and especially good at this point – Reinhardt’s Fire Wave and Tonbjorn’s Turret. They will not pass your tire through.


In general Junkrat is a great hero, that is useful in any map at any mode. Hide, shoot, set traps. In two words: Have fun!

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