Jack Morrison aka Soldier 76

We’re all Soldiers now


When Blizzard created Overwatch, they must have start a competition designed to come up with the most unoriginal character for this game. Well, who can look just banal on front of cyber samurai, monkey scientist, monk robot, or sniper and healer? Regular sniper? Here is she, and she has unique skills thereof character can not call “the most banal.” Maybe grenade-man? There are two of them – one crazy (at the level of the Joker from the universe of DC), and the other is able to fly. Healer? This angel in every sense of the word. Well, in the end, unable to find another way out, the developers made the most unoriginal character of the head of the Overwatch – Jack Morrison, who is also known as Soldier 76.

My impession about Soldier 76

Soldier 76 Jack Morrison

The soldier seems so boring hero that he even has no normal abilities (in addition to Ultimate). One allows him to run fast (yes, Jack, we have only one member of an elite military organization, which is able to run). The second is responsible for the rocket grenade launcher. The third establishes a first aid kit on the ground that at some time replace normal support. Ultimate of Soldier-76 just enable legal aimbot for 6 seconds and that’s all. Yes with it you will never miss, and all enemies will die under your onslaught, but this ability is boring!

Soldier 76 abilities

The soldier is very simple to learn, requires no special skills from the player, but it allows you to very effectively support the team both in attack and in defense. Yes, it has no breaking skills balance (Ultimate does not count). Yes, he is pretty average and on the damage done, and on survival. And yet, soldier – a very useful character, quite suitable for any mode and any characters ligament. Not enough damage? Grab Soldier. We need someone who can move quickly rush to point? And then Jack will fit perfectly. In the player suddenly began to play «You in the army now»? Take a Soldier, inciting the team to do the same, and turn the map to hell.

You mey need a help of Mercy, during the ultimate ability. Tactical Visor of Jack, allowing him to automatically target the enemy heroes, working six seconds, which under ideal conditions allows to put about 850 points of damage, excluding the grenade launcher. Use the visor, and you can not be afraid that your bullets fly “in milk”, so this capability is extremely useful against any Pharah, Tracer and other rapid and / or located at a distance heroes. The same ability to help in the group “team fights” at the point where you have no time to time switch up the target.


Soldier Overwatch

In general, the soldier-76 – is a simple and intuitive character which is easy playable for a both beginners and veterans. He does not require wild skill as Genji, or super reaction like Tracer, but it still does the job – hurts enemies and help to allies. And more, in general, and is not required.

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