Genji – deadly shadow above your supports

Cyborg Ninja – Genji

Genji cyborg

Genji, in my opinion, is the most dynamic and adrenaline character in the Overwatch. Yes, the game for Tracer also requires a crazy reaction rate and a million actions per second, but annoying Briton moves only in one direction, while the Japanese cyborg has a double jump, the ability to climb walls (like his archer brother) and a lightning dash, which moves him much farther than the Tracers blink, and in any direction and not only along the plane. Jump up and cut off that hovering in the air Pharrah or Mercy – supreme pleasure.

Just look at the game of the best ninja in pro-scene (Seagull, Shadder2k, Surefour), in order to understand what kind of grinder can arrange a skinny Japanese man with a pair of swords and shurikens. And I’m not talking about a one-time “kurae” (His battle cry in the Ultimate «Ryūjin no ken wo kurae»), where the average Genji can slaughter a couple of people and then die “Bue-e” or slice up the whole team that was pulled together with graviton of Zarya. Of course pro-Genji is deadly without the sword, although during his ultimate he generally turns into a killing machine.

Deadly Abilities

Genji ult

Both his abilities are amazing and they allow to deal with almost any opponent. Reflection is useful not only against blunt bastions, they can reflect the Ultimate like Blizzard or the Graviton, Pharrah feed with her own missile or to flash the enemy team with Flamestrike from Reinhardt or Symmetras power ball. You can even protect yourself against Rainhardts hammer – you will not strike his hammer back, but you will remain harmless. Reflection – the main protective mechanism of junior Shimada, so it is important to not lose it before the critical moment.

Lightning Strike” (aka “Dash“) allows you to instantly move to a few meters in the direction of view, and sliced with a sword all that come on your way (causing 50 damage). The critical feature of the Dash is that it is recharged by killing an enemy. It is allowed to arrange the killing chain during Ultimate: blow katana (120 damage), stroke vakidzashi (regular melee strike – 30 damage), and dash in the direction of the next enemy (50 damage) in summary – 200 dmg.


Do not forget about reflection, while you are waving a sword – in the intervals between the murders, while you are looking for the next victim, you became an easy prey, so professionals typically use reflection, weaken the enemy by his own shots, and then finish him off. Genji are often used in tandem with “Pocket Mercy” (ie it mostly heals and strengthens one character), it works not only with Pharrah.

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