Future of the League of Legend

Riot games was created 10 years ago, and developers can not even dream about this success. Every day LoL’s community encourage Riot games and show them a way where they need to develope League of Legends. But what are we waiting from LoL after 10 or 15 years? This is very complicated question becouse of the 2 main issues.

  1. Riot games always thinking how to improve the game but they can’t share their ideas with us.
  2. Riot games do not target follow usual way of all big companies. They do not thinking about profits, they just making a great games and thinking about innovate ideas.

Riot’s plans on LoL

There is a plenty of giant plans like MMO in League of Legends universe, or a Movie in same universe. But where are them? All these ideas looks genious, but build them in life is incredibly hard process and Riot needs a years of preparations just to start them.

League of Legends Logo

So, what can we say about the future of Riot Games and League of Legends? Something quite clearly. They will continue to develop the League of Legends, particularly caring about its integrity. Riots plan to greatly enrich the universe of the game and refine her competitive side. Of course, they will work on the development of esports competitions for League of Legends: we all would like to see game tournaments for many years. In addition, Riot Games have plan to release a few more games. As in the case of the League of Legends, developers fo not seek a mass popularity, they just want to satisfy the interests of the target audience.

Final thoughts

It is very interesting to see how games are becoming more and more influential in society. It’s obvious that in the next 20 years, games will change dramatically, and their role can only grow, and i’m sure that Riot Games will find more than one way to our hearts.

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