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Destiny 2 – this is the sequel to the shooter Destiny, in which humanity is in an unenviable situation. The Last City has fallen, the Tower is destroyed, and the remnants of the Guardians are forced to confront the new threat – the army of Ghaul, the ambitious commander of the sinister Red Legion. Players are waiting for wanderings through the mysterious unexplored worlds of the solar system for the sake of acquiring new weapons and powerful combat abilities that will make the Guardian stronger than ever before.

Destiny 2 – New chapter in the fantasy world

Destiny 2

Company Bungie has presented a new trailer of the multiplayer action game Destiny 2, which tells about the Guardians and their purpose.

The trailer also showed how the Last City, Tower, and Walls were built. So let’s look:

The second trailer (already on the game engine) demonstrates how the City fell. The video clearly shows the new interface, the submachine gun as a weapon, plus the rework of classes. In addition to the Earth’s surface, the players are waiting for a landing on the Legion ship, so you obviously will not be bored. Oh, yes, there’s a hand-held minigun in the video.

The third trailer is a developer’s diary in which they talk about the development of Destiny 2, and what awaits players in the second part. In particular, we are talking about the main antagonist of the second part – the General of the Red Legion – Dominus Ghaul, who planned to steal The Traveler’s Light:

Ammunition issues in Destiny 2

The developers confirmed that now players will have three slots for weapons. In the first two you can install automatic weapons, submachine guns, and in the third, you can take a rocket launcher, shotgun or melee weapon. The difference between the first and second slot is that only the “kinetic” weapon can be placed in the first slot and the “elemental” one in the second slot. Classes will also be changed – in particular, three new subclasses will appear. It’s Dawnblade from Warlock, Sentinel from Titan, and Arcstrider from Hunter.

Destiny 2 inspiration

The campaign will allow players to visit different parts of the solar system and experience a completely new, “more cinematic” experience. In PvP, there will be 4 × 4 battles, new maps, and new game modes. Of course, it will not do without a new raid, “strikes” and other tasks – like missions Lost Sectors, where players can collect treasures, passing dungeons and battling bosses. From now on, it will be possible to fly through the galaxy without entering orbit. And four new planets are waiting for the players.

Finally, Clan system

In Destiny 2 there will be in-game clans that will allow you to engage in all clan affairs right inside the game. Clans will be able to receive unique rewards for various activities (like participation in PvP). More developers will finally complete the system looking for group (LFG), which will allow players to quickly connect to clan groups to jointly challenge complex missions.

Destiny 2 will be released on September 8, 2017, on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The beta version will start this summer. It’s worth noting that the PC version will only be distributed via, the Blizzard service.

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