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How do Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Game’s Skins Function?

CS:GO Skins

Counter-Strike is one of the best first-person shooter games in the world. The game has been the talk of the town recently — and in a bad way. Following a report this that was published in spring, about the loyal fans of the game primarily using it to gamble.

Then a massive scandal erupted to light in which a few well-known Counter-Strike YouTube individuals were referred to as the owners of a Global Offensive betting site that they marketed in most of their videos.

How did it all come to this?

How did a mere game become a gateway to gambling for players worldwide, where many claim to be under the legal gambling age in America?

Well, the answer to this question lies on the “skins” in Global Offensive game, and no, and you need to know the word ‘’skin’’ has nothing to do with the term “having skin in the game.”  This article will try as much as possible to explain all this.

What is a skin?

The word ‘’skin’’ in a video game such as this has a different meaning; it may mean something else either for character or item. However, in this context of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, skin is also referred to as finish, which is an exceptional visual design for an arm, whether it’s a knife or a firearm.


What does a skin do?

A skin in Global Offensive is nothing but a cosmetic product; this means it has an effect on the look of a weapon, not the firepower. For instance, The P90 submachine gun acts the same way in the Global Offensive regardless of whether it comes in the sand spray or leather skins.

How long have skins been in Global Offensive?

The developers claim the skin is in the game as an “Arms Deal” update, which Valve released in mid-August 2013. The update came with over 100 skins categorized into ten themed “collections“, such as Office, Assault, Dust as well as Aztec.

 What kinds of skins are available?

Global Offensive comes with so many skins such as the realistic ones as well as the absurd skins.  Most of the skins are finishes that can give a player a tactical advantage. Like the Aztec skins have camouflage that makes guns blend into a jungle environment.

CS:GO Nuke Skins

However, there are numerous outlandish skins such as the Akihabara Accept, which is technically an assault rifle with an anime magazine cover engraved on either side

“Although we initially thought military camouflage was somewhat unusual,” said Bronwen Grimes, a technical representative at Valve, during the public forum in 2013 in Conference for developers,” we found out that the players take into account are finished that are a lot more of a paintball gun.”

Skins come in various quality grades, which shows the rarity of skin — and so, its value. In ascending order from the lowest rarity to highest one,  there is the  Consumer Grade which is quite common   Industrial Mil-Spec Grade (Rare), Grade (Uncommon), Classified (Legendary), Restricted (Mythical), Gold (Exceedingly Rare) as well as the Covert (Ancient).

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