CS:GO guide for beginners

How to learn to shoot well?

CS:GO tips

To exercise your Aim you need to play the AIM maps exclusively with real people, bots will not fit. You have to shoot only in the head and only with a few rounds. If you like AK-47 and you do not know how to play with it, then you need to play with it until you reach your top. If during your workout you have a lot of deaths, do not worry, because you are training.

During the game you should always move, but when you shoot at the enemy, you must stop for a moment, shoot a few rounds and then immediately change your position. If your favorite weapon is M4a1, then you still have to train AK-47 because during the game you can pick up this weapon.


For burst shooting workout you will certainly need the map “training_aim_csgo”,you can easily find it in the workshop. You need to choose the burst shooting and reduce the target to a size of a head. Do not forget what I wrote earlier: you should not be playing with only one Ak-47 or M4a1.

How to shoot with the AWP?


I’ll tell you about the maps where you can train your skills with AWP. In principle, any suitable “awp” map: awp_lego or what else, but again do not forget that you need to train with real people. Try to choose a map similar to dust2 for example.

One of the most common mistakes of snipers is walking with enabled zoom. It is a gross error, and with such tactics of the game you will not get far. With zoom you can walk in only one out of 10 cases. Try to shoot with the first zoom, because the second is almost useless on competitive maps.

Never turn off the zoom with a mouse clicks, take a knife or a gun, in the first place it is quickly, and secondly there is a chance that the enemy will not hear you.

Pistol round

CS:GO aim at head

First round – is a foundation of your game. But if you can not fire properly, you will lose it in mostly cases.

DeathMatch servers can help you with that issue. Train your Pistol, but remember that Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists have a different guns, so find your favorite or just train with the basic weapons – USP, Glock.

Always try to shoot at the head, because in the first round no one can afford the helmet, but many people buy a kevlar for protection. Train your aim well, and all Pistol Rounds will be yours, because many people underestimate pistols.


Almost all players use a headset, and can easily hear from which side you will approach, so run only a few second from the beginning of the round, all the rest time try to walk. You will have a huge advantageous if you can predict where enemies are. Always remember that skill of listening can make your day.

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