Stream CS GO: creating a channel, pt 1.

CS GO Stream: creating a popular channel

Stream – definition

The number of streams for CS GO today is estimated not even hundreds, and thousands, that allows us to understand not only how popular the game itself, but also the extent to which streaming has become a mass phenomenon. However, not all users on the network are fans of such phenomena as the Stream, because it is necessary to start with the theoretical part.

Stream Twitch

Stream is kind of broadcasting on the Internet, which is carried out in real time. Simply put, it is a live recording of a particular player, which plays a certain game. At first glance, nothing new, but the streaming system created a cult, as well as a great way of earning money. The most basic and popular site, which carried out the stream is This resource can be called the father of all the streams, as well as one of the most visited websites in the world. Among the games, the most in demand is popular projects such as CS GO, Dota 2, Overwatch, Warface and others. Less popular are non session and offline games, although they may attract a certain audience.

What is the meaning of streams

Often, you can see that some people do not understand such phenomena as the Stream, considering it uninteresting or irrelevant. In fact, it is a certain kind of live broadcasts, often entertaining or informative nature. For example, if we talk about CS GO, almost all Stream broadcast the game itself, though not always talking about the official servers. Some popular streamers shoot different modes, such as Zombie mod, Hide and Seek and others. They are fundamentally changing the rules of the game and attract many spectators.

However, the key figure and the main reason for success is always the streamer himself. He should be professional, and almost always necessary to have his own flavor. Only these conditions will allow you to watch a three-hour stream of CS GO, where people played and commented on their actions. Also it plays an important role the ability to work with the audience, which often becomes the main criterion for the popularity of  stream.

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