Stream CS GO: creating a channel, pt 2.

How to become a CS GO streamer

Consider popular streamers on CS GO is not necessary, since anyone can go to Twich and select the desired channel section Stream. Instead, you should consider whether you can now promote your channel under extremely high competition and become famous streamer.

First and foremost it is worth noting that this is possible, but will have to work a lot more than a couple of years ago. It is also necessary to understand that without some kind of raisins, you are likely to get lost in countless streamers that did not recruit a large number of views of their broadcasts.

CS GO hot girl streamer

For this reason, girls who can work with the male audience became popular much easier, and they attract much more attention.

Stream of CS GO

In addition to the personal qualities and abilities, it is important to have sufficient technical basis. This implies a fairly powerful PC, which will carry the broadcast without loss of quality..

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CS go high donate

Usually, the best option would be pretop category of “iron”, which will allow to avoid the decline in the quality of shooting and the fall of the FPS (which is especially important in the new games), but will not cost too much money.

We must remember that any popular Stream could potentially bring you a lot of money that will even pay for the purchase cost of a new PC, but do not rush into extremes, and do not acquire the best “iron” before promotion your channel. To summarize, then, for a successful promotion you will need:

  • Powerful PC;
  • A good headset (that will ensure the quality of shooting);
  • A unique way to differentiate from the rest;
  • The ability to attract and retain an audience channel.

The most popular beginner mistakes

There are a number of basic errors, which do not allow streamers become popular. They concern both the CS GO and any other game. That is why it is important to identify each of them, which will be developed exclusively in the right direction:

It is not always necessary to begin a career with a stream of the most popular games. Sometimes, it is better to create a name for yourself playing at already forgotten or once popular projects, distinguished from the bulk, and only then move to CS GO.
Do not try to become popular instantly. Try to gradually gain a constant audience that will be with you, regardless of the choice of games.
Do not neglect advertising. The more and better the advertising campaign of your streams, the greater the number of views they will collect. Try to make the announcements in thematic groups on various websites and so forth.
Never ask for donates, try to ignore this aspect. Notes the high donate attention, but do not go too far with gratitude. Remember that the audience does not like ignorant and beggars streamers.
Find your own style and stick to it. You should never change the images or games, so you will not be able to attract a permanent audience.

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