Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

CS:GO Review

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike players spend most of their time learning about where to a move, how to do it and when to do, and for this reason, they are always getting better.

There are two modes in this game; terrorist striving hard to plant a bomb while Counter-Terrorists look for the weapons and get rid of them, or Counter-Terrorists rescuing hostages while Terrorists try to destroy them. Money gotten from kills or team success lets you purchase better weapons before each session, and these modes let you take a tour of some of the best shooter levels ever made.

Dust, Aztec, Italy, Train, Nuke, Dust 2, Office as well as Inferno. You are also given superficial awards as well as MVP points. However, apart from that, there’s no XP-based classes, progression, and custom builds, and once you die, there’s no spawning until the next session stands, so life is a bit more important than it is in other shooters.

This game is an easy skill-based game, then, and if you get straight into core modes, then you will find everyone else is highly skilled already. Even in Casual mode, where you can switch the friendly fire and everyone depends on Kevlar to give them a bit more protection, the rule of play is still very extreme – the ‘Casual’ reference depends on how fast the maps move.

I have played Counter-Strike thousands of hours in total, and these to be honest are not new maps, so I learned every choke point, shortcut, tricks and maximum vantage point, but it was still hard, and I was struggling to safeguard my life when I started back. Those who don’t know you need to fire in bursts manually crouch to improve accuracy are going to get killed more often. The game doesn’t appear cartoony like in the past, but CS GO still has a lot of the classic slapstick humor of the game – like excessive physics.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Another multiplayer FPS where beginners can look forward to playing for hours, crushing failure before you get anyway?  The answers to that question are both yes and no. If you begin with the main modes, you’re going to face a lot of troubles before you taste the honey air at the top of the pinnacle.

Nowadays, you can also practice the game offline with bots. The best thing about the bots is that it won’t abuse you when you are defeated but who will put up a very tough challenge.

Also, there are new modes. There is the Demolition and Arms Race. The modes are extracted from Gun Game, which you may recall from Call of Duty. Black Ops’ Wager Match choices but which started life as a Counter-Strike modification, and the primary goal is that every moment time you kill a target you are awarded a new weapon.

In Arms Race, it is team deathmatch, but it’s free for everyone, but there are only half the guys in the game that shoot at you, and you have to strive extremely hard to get the rifles, pistols, shotguns, as well as sniping your way to the golden knife. You become a winner if you become the first one to register a kill. On the other hand, re-spawning is quicker and furious, and there are some small-scale, individual maps for this particular mode, thanks to the CODs and Quakes of the world, with rat runs as well as crisscrossing walkways that expose you.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The other mode, Demolition is the people’s favorite mode. It is the core Counter-Strike bomb-defused objective model with rules that have inspired by the gun game, adjusted so that you receive a new weapon after you kill in each round and so that the arms become weaker. Beginning with, say, an M4A4 rifle as well as moving toward less powerful pistols as well as manual-reload guns.

This might not be impressive if you were playing on the bigger classic maps, but there are a few incredible small-scale Demolition war grounds instead, each featuring a bomb site at its core, such as a log cabin with a floor- safely kept in a room as well as a bank with a vault kept right on the counter. Each team can fight the other at intervals of about five and ten seconds, and there is a plenty of time limit on personal grounds, so even rapid death is not a big thing, where it can take you right on the bench for a few hours in the main game.

Several other console-minded features and adjustments also make it easier to get into the game than it was before. The game also features radial selection menu for purchasing weapons at the beginning of each session may result to grumbles with computer gamers – it is ideal for analog sticks but doesn’t make sense if you use number keys to make purchase commands.

The use of efficient matchmaking, as well as a lobby system, is also a boost to every system, though, and computer players can always embark on the old-style server browser if you wish to play on non-Valve servers or custom maps.

Between these few adjustments and the inclusion of Demolition and Arms Race, Counter-Strike. The makers of Global Offensive must reduce the distance to gratification for amateur gamers. In the newly introduced modes, quick turnover and the inclusion of new weaponry when you kill a target means that you will witness the intense action, and you will also understand how the game goes if you’re the new player.

For the rest of the players, there are incredible additions in the game such as tight new maps that quickly diffuse themselves into your mind. The other interface alterations either make the game easier to play in an agreeable manner or prove benign.

The other noticeable changes in the game go a bit deeper, but they are still fine really. There are certain layout changes to the maps – the most notable is the addition of a staircase to the tunnel part of Dust – and well, these were based on long time worth of telemetry informing the developers that gamers were either favoring or avoiding specific places and tactics because imbalance.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

They adjusted the dynamic of the maps. However, time will tell whether they destroyed them either in a positive or negative way. In the meantime, it’s simple to judge the new grenades – the incendiary and Molotov cocktail are vicious small creatures who spread puddles of flame, blocking choke points entirely, while the decoy grenade is a crucial tool for an isolated player to confuse aggressors.

 Is Counter-Strike for everyone?

Potentially. Judging by the many reviews where dedicated gamers have been helping to test the game for the previous years. Not everyone loves Valve’s treatment, but given that the negative reviews range from the relatively obscure to the extremely subjective, it looks like the prolonged closed beta period has cooled down many people.

There is one huge problem with the game, though, and it is very simple, there are no new maps for the game, but really? This game continues to be released simultaneously on PS3, computer, Xbox, and Mac, as well as 360 but is so easy to deduce that it exists because Valve requires current-generation console gamers to have access to it, which until today, they have not done anything, rather than because computer players needed it. It something that is incredibly frustrating and it needs to be addressed, given that it’s exactly what we earlier said about Counter-Strike: Source, the previous CS overhaul when it was initially launched in the year 2004.

Also, these designs are very classic for one good reason; each altered and balanced to make tremendous variety and inhibit specialist domination. Wherever you tread you will find a hotchpotch of corridors, covered markets and long sight lines, train yards and courtyards as well as perfect for middle-distance cover-shoot.

The modest graphical overhaul of this game does absolutely nothing to compromise that balance and even the tucks and nicks are only in reaction to an in-depth study of years of player data.  Probably the emphasis on reliable designs is just for those who own colognes, but it’s not just nostalgia that gives uttermost pleasure but the whole game in general.

Modern military shooters are also known as disposable cliché, with so many ideas as well as maps that we will forget sooner than we think, whether it’s in the bouncy, power-up-heavy arcade instant kill frenzies of Battlefield’s Black Hawk Down or  Call of Duty -infused running cross-country. The core of this fantastic game is a reminder that quality can not only be permanent and imperative, but rather fleeting, and the latest additions give players valid reasons to take interest and eventually a great way for players who are looking for something different.


From the long review above, we can deduce and say that Counter Strike: Global Offensive is a fantastic game, and you should check it out and see for yourself.

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