The Chongqing Major playoffs | Liquid and Fnatic

Fnatic has set up a rather strong showing in The Chongqing Major, however after dropping their two games so much EHOME, and getting chucked to the bracket, they’ve been on a tear.

Team Liquid and Fnatic | In their prime

Their next challenge is J Storm, a group which was also feeling great about their current wins and would not go down easily. Things were going nicely for Fnatic early, but across the 18-minute markers, J Storm could stall out things a little.

To there, Fnatic was becoming pretty much anything they wanted in staff struggles and controlling the pace. That succeeds extended to both groups as J Storm were content to sit back on defense and select their fights.

The match lasted slightly over 53 minutes and was rough as defensive as they encounter around the 42-minute mark. At that stage, both sides started attempting to find any advantage they could and only finished up trading kills until finally, Fnatic came out on top.

Fnatics are back

All of the pressure was on J Storm at the next match, but because they fought to get their championship lives, Fnatic appeared to fulfill them at each turn with something which countered them. Nothing J Storm pulled out slowed down them along with also the North Americans were removed at 9th to 12th location.

Liquid and Fnatic at The Chongqing Major

The last collection of the afternoon pit Team Liquid against TNC Predator to find out who’d claim the last spot at the top eight.

Team Liquid is gathering strengths

They came out really positive and competitive to begin game one. But that ancient risk factor may have lulled them into a way that Liquid was not in their level.

The simple fact that TNC appeared to dismiss a number of Liquid’s counterattacks early contributed to their downfall as they held great placement in halfway through the match. Liquid completely reversed the match around after gradually building up their choices to get a late-game drive.

TNC could not slow down some of those enormous forces Liquid were creating, which resulted in them dropping out on smaller choices that Liquid also started to dominate. Finally, infantry blew past their competitors and ended the game strong with a 30-17 K/D.

Game two saw that the reverse occur. Liquid led from a young stage before permitting TNC to earn a little run. That did not wind up mattering at the ending as Liquid dropped TNC overdue, moving to the top eight and establishing another round game up with Fnatic.

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