How to become a strong CS:GO player?

Few Advices from a experienced Counter Strike: Global Offensive player

CS:GO game

It’s no secret that in order to succeed in the level of personal skill in the game you need a lot of practice, but a simple practice, and spending days on Public servers is not enough and it does not make a really strong player in Counter-Strike Global Offensive from you. This article will be divided into a few parts that will help you in the future not only enjoy the game, but at the same time become better in the eyes of your friends and foes.

Get rid of the excess.

First you need to understand yourself and overcome your gaming fears. Many players make a huge mistake by sitting in one place and afraid to go face to face with the enemy, intead of this they sit and waiting for a strong player in the hope of killing him, but that in 80% of cases leads to the collapse.

CS:GO professional team

What to do? Not afraid to lead an aggressive game, this article will help you to develop strategic skills, an understanding of the enemy and prediction of his actions. The following articles will fit only for those who do not like to sit and wait when enemies will find them.

The duration of the game.

Do not forget about reality, it is not necessary to play for days spending all your time in the game, it is enough to play 3-5 hours in a day with breaks for a walk (get some fresh air, eat well, drink tea, etc.)

Watching the professional games

CS:GO professional

More and more often Counter Strike: Global Offensive tournaments held and all those who have a game can watch tournaments live right in the game, see the game online, watch the players from professional teams, and gain experience from them.

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