Ana Amari – Shoot your alies for the greater good!

Ana Amary – new hero in Overwatch, Sniper-Support, that appear in the game not too long ago, and already find her place in the hearts of many peoples.

Ana Amari – probably the best support hero in Overwatch

Ana Overwatch

Ana is a great addition for any team in Overwatch. She is a breath of fresh air, and self-contained character, and excellent support that can finally put an end to the inevitability of an Mercy.

Zenyattas buff will return him to Meta aswell, so we will likely see something new, instead of a pair of Mercy + Lucio in professional games. And on public servers – for sure.

Ana, as the Widowmaker has a sniper scope on the right button, but in contrast to the sexy French sniper you will have to use it quite rare. Basically, Ana must keeps much closer to the front line, as it needs to be in the thick of things, in order to effectively use her grenades and sleep dart, and to get to the wounded allies at the time. Shoot fellows with syringe through the sniper scope from some sniper spot – bad plan itself, as they will constantly disappearing from sight of view.

Special abilities of Pharah’s mother

Ana and Pharah

Grenade, in my opinion, the key feature of Ana. It heals allies on the 100, causing 60 damage to enemies , but the main thing – she hangs on your heroes buff that accelerate healing, and on opponents – debuff, thats switching off their heal at all. They can not pick up a first aid kit, a Roadhog and a Soldier 76 can not heal themself – it’s hardly hit enemies, that relying on selfheal or on Mercy.

It is hard to hit enemies with her sleeping dart – while Ana aimed, it tooks some time. But it extremily useful to disable some ultimates. See Pharah that hang in air? Shoot the dart! Empowered Reinhardt tun just at you? Shoot the dart! Roadhog use his ultimate? You know what to do!

Of course, the main problem of sleep dart is in the fact that all of your efforts by lulling the enemy are nullified by a careless shot from some of the Allies. You are with incredible luck shot Genji that drew his sword, and one of your teammates wake him uo, and then he went on to cut out your team, starting with you, a harmless one-eyed grandmother.

But remember that you must focus on healing. Her rifle has no critical attacks and deal only 80 damage. 88 damage per second – not the best result. Even Mercy deal 100 damage per second. So focus on healing. Do not even try to counter Widowmaker, Hanzo or any other sniper. Always throw your grenades, and try to aim in tanks, or under your legs if there is no heals around.

Nano boost form Ana – best support ultimate ever!

Ana Amari

And our perfect ultimate – nanoboost. Try to use it on allies that already have ultimate, just imagine Reaper that deal 50% greater damage with his death blossom, or Reinhardt that after stun just wipe out entire team with his fire wave an pair of attack. Remember that your ultimate also increase damage reduction of allies, so use it on Genji when he use his ult – smart idea. Genji thats deal more than 200 damage with single blow of katana – that’s the dream man.

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