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Jack Morrison aka Soldier 76

We’re all Soldiers now   When Blizzard created Overwatch, they must have start a competition designed to come up with the most unoriginal character for this game. Well, who can look just banal on front of cyber samurai, monkey scientist, … Continue reading

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Ana Amari – Shoot your alies for the greater good!

Ana Amary – new hero in Overwatch, Sniper-Support, that appear in the game not too long ago, and already find her place in the hearts of many peoples. Ana Amari – probably the best support hero in Overwatch Ana is … Continue reading

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Genji – deadly shadow above your supports

Cyborg Ninja – Genji Genji, in my opinion, is the most dynamic and adrenaline character in the Overwatch. Yes, the game for Tracer also requires a crazy reaction rate and a million actions per second, but annoying Briton moves only … Continue reading

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