The Chongqing Major playoffs | Liquid and Fnatic

Fnatic has set up a rather strong showing in The Chongqing Major, however after dropping their two games so much EHOME, and getting chucked to the bracket, they’ve been on a tear.

Team Liquid and Fnatic | In their prime

Their next challenge is J Storm, a group which was also feeling great about their current wins and would not go down easily. Things were going nicely for Fnatic early, but across the 18-minute markers, J Storm could stall out things a little.

To there, Fnatic was becoming pretty much anything they wanted in staff struggles and controlling the pace. That succeeds extended to both groups as J Storm were content to sit back on defense and select their fights.

The match lasted slightly over 53 minutes and was rough as defensive as they encounter around the 42-minute mark. At that stage, both sides started attempting to find any advantage they could and only finished up trading kills until finally, Fnatic came out on top.

Fnatics are back

All of the pressure was on J Storm at the next match, but because they fought to get their championship lives, Fnatic appeared to fulfill them at each turn with something which countered them. Nothing J Storm pulled out slowed down them along with also the North Americans were removed at 9th to 12th location.

Liquid and Fnatic at The Chongqing Major

The last collection of the afternoon pit Team Liquid against TNC Predator to find out who’d claim the last spot at the top eight.

Team Liquid is gathering strengths

They came out really positive and competitive to begin game one. But that ancient risk factor may have lulled them into a way that Liquid was not in their level.

The simple fact that TNC appeared to dismiss a number of Liquid’s counterattacks early contributed to their downfall as they held great placement in halfway through the match. Liquid completely reversed the match around after gradually building up their choices to get a late-game drive.

TNC could not slow down some of those enormous forces Liquid were creating, which resulted in them dropping out on smaller choices that Liquid also started to dominate. Finally, infantry blew past their competitors and ended the game strong with a 30-17 K/D.

Game two saw that the reverse occur. Liquid led from a young stage before permitting TNC to earn a little run. That did not wind up mattering at the ending as Liquid dropped TNC overdue, moving to the top eight and establishing another round game up with Fnatic.

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Overwatch: How to climb Ranked ladder in Season 13

Overwatch is an incredible game with the widest champion choice and every one of them is different. Design, play style, aggression – all these could vary from hero to hero. Some fulfill the traditional tank role, providing cover for the rest team, while other charging into the enemy’s ranks and confusing them with devastating blows. Fragile heroes, like all supports, are hate aggressive tanks because nobody, except Reaper, could defend them from death. These heroes are used as a tool by Overwatch Boosters to promote your account to the desired heights.


In this articles, I will highlight the best heroes to climb the ranked ladder in Season 13 in all three roles. That data was gathered thanks to the Overbuff.

Best Overwatch Tanks in Season 13

Tanks are very strong right now, and Winston, D.Va, Reinhardt, and Zarya are extremely good in current Meta. Reinhardt is still holding the throne (I am not surprised at all), but he is just slightly stronger than the other heroes.

DVa is one of the best tanks in the game, thanks to the mobility and wonderful ultimate ability. She could soak a lot of damage with her shields and Hana Song has enough damage to quickly destroy squishy supports without escapes like Zenyatta, Lucio, Ana (Just remember to soak her sleeping dart).

no mercy

Zarya. Zarya is back in the competitive games thanks to her monstrous damage. If you’ll manage to hold her power nearly 100%, then you will slice through your enemies like a hot knife through butter. But her Energy system is quite tricky to master, so prepare for a ton of hours in quick matches.

Best Overwatch Supports in Season 13

Support in most situations could not solo carry the game, but an impact is precious. So if you chose this road, then you must master two best support heroes that I’ve ever seen.

Ana Amary, this old lady is back in the Competitive Overwatch Scene, thanks to the all recent buffs. But be sure that your aim is in the perfect shape. Ana proved that she could heal anything in a few rounds, and her sleeping dart is too op, especially if you manage to hit the core role in a decisive fight, and no one from your team woke your target up. Ultimate is still strong enough, but I still miss the old one, which increased movement speed dramatically.

reinana nanoboost

Moira will be a great pick if you are looking for a mix of insane healing and pretty solid damage dealing abilities. There are two Overwatch heroes that hit these requirements, but with Zenyatta, you need to aim. Moira just cone healing anyone in front of her and dealing damage with a sticky beam (like Symmetra has before rework). And of course wonderful Ultimate and escaping ability!

Best Overwatch Attackers (DPS) in Season 13

Hanzo and Junkrat is the top tier DPS pick, due to the Overbuff statistics. Widowmaker is too a solid choice, but only because she is a skill-based hero she took her third place.

Hanzo’s new mobility and bursting shots is a nice killing machine. Of course, I will miss the ability to one-shot all kind of tanks, but the replacement is pretty nice. A storm of highly damaging arrows is pretty frightening. And never forget about Dragon Strike that could easily wipe the entire team, if they’ll waste just a second.

Junkrat with his demospam and zoning ability is one of the best choices you could make. Especially he strong in corridors or alleyways, so be sure that this hero will be picked by you! Never forget to place traps and explosive mines, you could even make the environment kills with it. Junkrat is a super fun character!

Widowmaker is a pain in the back of all supports. She could one shot EVERY one of them, so never forget about shield barriers if enemies have Widow in their pick. Her versatile allows being great both in attack and in the defense.

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Overwatch | IX Season started

In Overwatch started 9th Season of ranked matches. As in all previous seasons, all players need to play 10 placement matches to determine their rating.

Competitive mode is opened on 25th level. It was created for those who want to test their skill against other players. Rewards and the whole gameplay here are much more serious and nervous, then in Quick Match or Arcade.

Rewards for Competitive Matches in Overwatch

For each victory, you will receive unique rewards. By ending qualification matches during the season, you will get special prizes – graffiti and a special label. Besides all of this, for each victory during the season you will get special victory points, and for the season end you will receive a whole bundle of them, the amount depends on your overall rating. They could be exchanged for a gold weapon for your favorite heroes.

Blizzard World

overwatch blizzard world

In the 9 Season of Overwatch, the new map is opened for competitive mode – Blizzard World. This is quite a theme park with elements from all Blizzard’s games. You will need to attack (or defend, depends on your team) a cargo that will pass Azeroth, Tristram, and Koprulu sector. A great news for all who loves nostalgic feelings.

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Overwatch | Summer games started!

Overwatch – Let the summer games begin!

Blizzard Company announced the beginning of a special summer event Summer Games Overwatch 2017. The game Lucioball, which has become popular with many players, again came back to the game, offering to play an unusual sports match, with the help of various abilities of the most famous DJ from the Overwatch’s world. Please note that in addition to the normal mode, you can try your hand at the rating matches of the Lucioball, and for good results in it, players are waiting for pleasant rewards.

Overwatch Summer games 2017

In addition to Lucioball and the return of last year’s hero skins, all the players are waiting for new skins on their favorite characters, so if you’ve always wanted to see Widow in a bikini, then the perfect moment has come.

The summer event will last from now until August 29. In addition, prices for last year’s images were lowered.

Overwatch – Lucibol will get its own competitive mode

Director of the team shooter Overwatch Jeff Kaplan posted a new video. And it became known that the event “Summer Games” will begin already on August 8. Even if you missed this event last year, then do not worry, since the skins from the “Summer Games 2016” will also be available to you. And the most important thing is that people can buy them for playing credits.

Widowmaker in bikini legendary skin

Naturally, we should also expect new content. For example, Junkrat will acquire a legendary sports skin, and Mercy will become a happy owner of a new appearance of a goddess. In addition, according to Jeff, fans of Widowmaker and McCree will also be satisfied.

The cost of images from the “Summer Games 2016” will be reduced to the level of the cost of skins from ordinary containers (that is, for a legendary look you will have to pay only 1000 credits). Will return to Overwatch and Lucioball. This time it will take place not only at the stadium in Rio but also in the Sydney sports arena.

And you can no longer stand in the gate of the enemy and push the goalkeeper aside. Simply put, the developers have removed the ability to repel other players, as many considered it unfair. Also, Lucio’s superpower in this mode was changed. Now it increases the speed of the character (you move faster, push the ball harder and jump much higher).

Summer games Reaper legendary skin

In the section “Arcade” will be a new map – the Lucio Cup. In fact, this is the competitive mode of Lucioball, which will be available within three weeks. If you participate in ten competitive matches of Lucioball, then you will be given special graffiti, and if you get to be among the 500 best players in Lucioball in your region, then you will get one more unique graffiti.

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Play to win | How to rise Elo

Today I will tell you about the right way of playing League of Legends.

Every second that you do not earn gold or exp, you decrease your winning chances.

Elo rising | introduction

Legendary LoL player and CLG captain HotshotGG once said that every second of idling greatly decreases your winning chances. Let’s look into the game’s mechanic and learn how continuously farm of gold and exp can increase your winning chances. We will analyze what we know about LoL, what advantages you can obtain, and the success chances.

League of legends champion

For the most of you – League of Legends is just a game, in which even a kid can start to play. But in reality, you need many hours of hard work, read millions of various guides and continuously follow the game’s meta. Hour after hour, day after day, just to increase your Elo rating. You already may read some guides about this topic, but here I will start from the very beginning.

Let’s learn the concept of the in-game mechanics, and this will greatly help us in future, increasing our winning changes in each ranked match. Moreover, as soon as you learn the LoL’s logic and obtain a Competitive spirit, you can use this knowledge in all other competitive games. So let’s end with the introduction.

Elo rising | Mechanics in figures

Let’s start with the simple fact – You can destroy enemy nexus without killing any champion. This is why all professional players play as safe as they could. Most of the LoL professional players admit that fact that the most optimal position is near minions. And the optimal goal – to gain gold from minions. But this rule has two exceptions – Map objectives – Elemental Dragons and Baron Nashor.

Minions | CS

We have a beautiful table in google docs, that shows the rewards amount that you can obtain at the laning stage up to the 20 minutes of the match. A typical match in League of Legends changes its phases on that point. Early game changes into the mid game and the map objectives start to prevail over the casual farm.

lol elo champions

The researches we made, show that you need to prioritize melee minions during laning phase, this approach will give you the most gold. Melee and range minions upgraded with the same speed, but the starting gold for the melee minion is 22, while for a range – 18. Siege minions the most “tasty” target that gives you 27 gold. With each cycle minion upgraded, and a reward is increasing for one gold.

A player with the perfect CS stats can earn almost five thousands of gold in twenty minutes of the match. This is enough to buy Trinity Force and something more. The exp he obtains is enough to get fifteen level in Solo (14 thousands of experience for solo laning), eleven level in Duo (7500 exp points in Duo laning). This is a reward for just sitting on a lane and killing creeps, but the question is next: Can we obtain more gold and exp if we run across the map and gank everyone we can see?

Frags | Ganks

We learned the system of kills and assists in League of Legends and noticed that champion that deals the killing blow receive three hundreds of gold. If champion was killed, then reward for his head will be decreased by 9% until it reaches the lower limit – 52 gold. As soon as the champion with a death streak make a kill, the reward for his head is returned to normal 300 gold.

And the reward for the killer’s head increases by 10% for each kill he was done, and this bonus nullified when the champion dies.

A little table for a Killer’s head reward:

  • 1 kill – 300 gold
  • 2 kill – 330 gold
  • 3 kill – 363 gold
  • 4 kill – 399 gold Killing Spree
  • 5 kill – 439 gold Rampage
  • 6 kill – 483 gold Unstoppable
  • 7+ kill – 500 gold Godlike, Legendary

Another table:

  • 1 death – 300 gold
  • 2 death – 273 gold
  • 3 death – 216 gold
  • 4 death – 170 gold
  • 5 death – 135 gold
  • 6 death – 106 gold
  • 7 death – 84 gold
  • 8 death – 66 gold
  • 9 death – 52 gold

So we learn how game rewarding us for kills, and now let’s learn how it rewards us for assisting. If the champion who dealt finishing blow get a full price, the assisters obtain only a bonus reward that is shared to everyone who participated in that killing.

But enough of theory, let’s go straight to numbers. In the early game, each champion kill is equal to 16 minions (I took the average reward for one minion as 19 gold). But at the third minute of the match champion kill is equal to 15 minions; at the ninth minute – 14, and at the 21-th minute – only equals to 12 minions. That means that to have equal gold as a farming team mate you need to kill an enemy champion every 90 seconds. In the conditions of the normal games, this is practically impossible so the pure farm is looking much more profitable. But as soon as the mid game started, the advantages of champion kills greatly increases because they give you an opportunity to do a map objective. And as I said before, mid game is such phase of LoL where map objectives took first place in your priority list.

I so often mention map objectives, that I think that it is the time to talk about them.

Map objectives | Elemental Dragons and Baron Nashor

A random elemental dragon appears on the map when the timer shows 2:30 and they have respawn timer that equals to 6 minutes. Each team that slays elemental dragon receive a random that depends on the dragon’s type.

Elemental Dragons

But here we speak not about buffs, but about gold and exp, so 1 elemental dragon gives 190 gold to each member of your team, and this approximately equals to two kills. Armed with this knowledge, we can calculate that even suicidal steal of the Dragon by jungler with smite is definitely worth it. An enemy will obtain 475 gold (300 for kill and 175 for an assist), and your team will receive 975 gold in total. Always calculate your risks when you aiming at dragon stealing.

The reward for elemental dragons does not change during the game, and the benefits from them are slowly decreasing during the game.

Baron Nashor

Now let’s talk about our Baron. Baron Nashor appears on the mat at the 20 minute and has a 7 minute respawn timer. A reward for the Baron’s head is equal to 300 gold and 900 exp each. In total we receive 1500 gold and 4500 exp point. Let’s glance at the table, and what we see here? Slaying Baron Nashor is equaled to 15 minions slays by each champion in a team.

Now let’s compare Nashor with the champion kills, one baron equals to 4 champion kills. This means that suicidal Baron slaying by the whole team does not worth it at all. But still, Baron is the top second target on our priority list, only Nexus destroying is more important than Baron Nashor.


League of Legends is the game where victory is earned not by fingers, but by brain activity.

lol elo promotion

So what have we learn today? Champion killing and taking map objectives like Elemental Dragons and Baron Nashor is a risky thing, but the rewards are too attractive. That why safe game style is highly recommended for ranking games, playing safely you accumulate your strength and do not risk anything.

Remember that if you find all this extremely hard, then you always can order league of legends elo boosting. You can also use this service if you just do not have enough of free time.

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Destiny 2 will arrive soon

Destiny 2 – this is the sequel to the shooter Destiny, in which humanity is in an unenviable situation. The Last City has fallen, the Tower is destroyed, and the remnants of the Guardians are forced to confront the new threat – the army of Ghaul, the ambitious commander of the sinister Red Legion. Players are waiting for wanderings through the mysterious unexplored worlds of the solar system for the sake of acquiring new weapons and powerful combat abilities that will make the Guardian stronger than ever before.

Destiny 2 – New chapter in the fantasy world

Destiny 2

Company Bungie has presented a new trailer of the multiplayer action game Destiny 2, which tells about the Guardians and their purpose.

The trailer also showed how the Last City, Tower, and Walls were built. So let’s look:

The second trailer (already on the game engine) demonstrates how the City fell. The video clearly shows the new interface, the submachine gun as a weapon, plus the rework of classes. In addition to the Earth’s surface, the players are waiting for a landing on the Legion ship, so you obviously will not be bored. Oh, yes, there’s a hand-held minigun in the video.

The third trailer is a developer’s diary in which they talk about the development of Destiny 2, and what awaits players in the second part. In particular, we are talking about the main antagonist of the second part – the General of the Red Legion – Dominus Ghaul, who planned to steal The Traveler’s Light:

Ammunition issues in Destiny 2

The developers confirmed that now players will have three slots for weapons. In the first two you can install automatic weapons, submachine guns, and in the third, you can take a rocket launcher, shotgun or melee weapon. The difference between the first and second slot is that only the “kinetic” weapon can be placed in the first slot and the “elemental” one in the second slot. Classes will also be changed – in particular, three new subclasses will appear. It’s Dawnblade from Warlock, Sentinel from Titan, and Arcstrider from Hunter.

Destiny 2 inspiration

The campaign will allow players to visit different parts of the solar system and experience a completely new, “more cinematic” experience. In PvP, there will be 4 × 4 battles, new maps, and new game modes. Of course, it will not do without a new raid, “strikes” and other tasks – like missions Lost Sectors, where players can collect treasures, passing dungeons and battling bosses. From now on, it will be possible to fly through the galaxy without entering orbit. And four new planets are waiting for the players.

Finally, Clan system

In Destiny 2 there will be in-game clans that will allow you to engage in all clan affairs right inside the game. Clans will be able to receive unique rewards for various activities (like participation in PvP). More developers will finally complete the system looking for group (LFG), which will allow players to quickly connect to clan groups to jointly challenge complex missions.

Destiny 2 will be released on September 8, 2017, on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The beta version will start this summer. It’s worth noting that the PC version will only be distributed via, the Blizzard service.

Other news related to the FPS genre:

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Overwatch – Competitive points

Recently Blizzard’s lead designer Scott Mercer at the official Overwatch’s forum tells about how player’s rating is calculated in the competitive.

How player’s rating is calculated?

There is a myth that spread among the players, that if they play as a support their rating grows slower then if they play as offensive. And lead Overwatch’s designer shared his thoughts about this problem.

New system in Overwatch 1.9

Overwatch competitve points

In the 1.9 update, where Orisa was released, Blizzard changed competitive points system a bit because this system works not as we wanted: cooperation count even in those cases when the player you helped deal a tiny amount of damage. In the Overwatch 1.9 update, this bug was fixed, and some more balance strings were added. All this means that we need to rebalance the system, that counts your competitive points after a match. Developers did their job and even calibrate this system in 1.10 Overwatch’s patch.

Now the system takes into account all your action during the match. Player “On Fire” mode activated not just because he plays cool, but plays better than allies. And competitive points that you will receive after the game, will not be affected by actions of your team.

Competitive points are still a problem

Overwatch developer update

Blizzard still receives a lot of tickets that saying that their rating grows slower if playing as support. Developers still making researchers and do not see any systematical problem that can affect all support heroes in all rating matches. Maybe this problem appears with certain heroes, gameplay style or some gaming situations. Developers still checking all rating code.

Also, Blizzard’s developers asking to sent them more reviews, tickets and all other data, to help them fix all bugs in this shooter. They are so helpful, and none of them is staying unread. If they see some problems, they doing everything is possible to fix it.

Other interesting articles about Overwatch:

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LoL new client

The new client is now ready to be released, but the developers want to make sure that its working as ordered and hold a short beta test. Not even beta test, they will just transfer players on it during a some period of time, and with small groups. Riot Games hoping to switch on the new client for one or two updates.

League Of Legends – New Client

So who will get update first? If you have been selected, then in the LoL client you should see a new screen and with it update will start downloading. Remember that during the testing you can always return to an old client, but this is not recommended, because in consequence Riot completely abandon old client because it is already obsolete and morally and technically.

Lol new client

If you tried Riots new client in the past, and think that is too slow, then just give it another chance. Riot Games updated it and now it much faster then it was before. Also new client have an special graphical switch, that will check your computer’s configuration and apply recommended graphical configurations in League of Legends. So if you have issues before, now new client will fix them for you.

How to send a ticket to Riot?

If you need to write a review or send a ticket you can use forum or send a request to a Riot. If you meet some technical problemms or errors please contact developers team with special button in the right bottom corner of your screen.

Whats next?

So if 1st stage of testing will go nice, then Riot games tells us about their plans about 2nd Stage.

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Future of the League of Legend

Riot games was created 10 years ago, and developers can not even dream about this success. Every day LoL’s community encourage Riot games and show them a way where they need to develope League of Legends. But what are we waiting from LoL after 10 or 15 years? This is very complicated question becouse of the 2 main issues.

  1. Riot games always thinking how to improve the game but they can’t share their ideas with us.
  2. Riot games do not target follow usual way of all big companies. They do not thinking about profits, they just making a great games and thinking about innovate ideas.

Riot’s plans on LoL

There is a plenty of giant plans like MMO in League of Legends universe, or a Movie in same universe. But where are them? All these ideas looks genious, but build them in life is incredibly hard process and Riot needs a years of preparations just to start them.

League of Legends Logo

So, what can we say about the future of Riot Games and League of Legends? Something quite clearly. They will continue to develop the League of Legends, particularly caring about its integrity. Riots plan to greatly enrich the universe of the game and refine her competitive side. Of course, they will work on the development of esports competitions for League of Legends: we all would like to see game tournaments for many years. In addition, Riot Games have plan to release a few more games. As in the case of the League of Legends, developers fo not seek a mass popularity, they just want to satisfy the interests of the target audience.

Final thoughts

It is very interesting to see how games are becoming more and more influential in society. It’s obvious that in the next 20 years, games will change dramatically, and their role can only grow, and i’m sure that Riot Games will find more than one way to our hearts.

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League of Legends – Road to Challenger

League of Legends – from Noob to Pros

Guides and reviews are great means to collect information about the game, “League of Legends’. There are various ways to make improvement in the game. When you heed the advice given by experts, you can learn quickly and move to level 30 very easily. The losses can be minimized and the enemy can be captured quickly when you are aware of rights ways in utilizing various resources in the game.

Explore characters will help you understand about various characters. You should explore the potential of each character so that there will be tremendous impact on the enemy. You should go through walkthroughs and detailed guides so that league characters can be built in the best possible way.

LoL champions

There are sources for beginners as well as experienced players. Beginners can go through Mobafire, Lolking and Probuilds. As a beginner, you might find it difficult to understand league guides as they are not step-by-step instruction manuals. However, you can find useful information from these resources so that you can make advancement in the game very easily. You will understand about the type of gear that you should purchase. The purchase should be done as per the character and position. Before taking advice, you should go through the right guide.

Cost and availability of items

When you are playing the game as a beginner, you are likely to assume that others are experts. When you are advised by other players, you should cross check the same so that the time, effort and resource will not be wasted. You should make a plan to purchase items. the planning should take place before starting the game. You should buy items as per your style of game and position. You should become comfortable with the gameplay so that you will be able to choose most appropriate items to fulfill your needs.

Ingame items

You should be aware of the cost and availability of items. you should make plans to stay in the lane until you can manage gold to purchase additional items. However, you might want to buy different kinds of items based on the change in the game. Items should be purchased as per your affordability. Even though you have a loosely structured plan, it will help you procure most appropriate items to make progress in the game.

Gaming accessories

The gaming peripherals should be upgraded to make great progress in the game. If you have access to mechanical keyboard or a gaming mouse, control can be exercised very quickly. You can also manage a quality headset so that you can hear instructions from others very easily.

How to improve your game?

To improve your game you are advised to play with other friends so that you will learn new skills and they can be put into practice very easily. when you join with friends, you are likely to play with others who had joined League of Legends long before. When you play with the help of experienced friends, you will learn tips and tricks to stay in the game for a long period of time.

Average match time

You should be present in front of the desk for the whole game so that the opportunities can be utilized to your advantage. The league games played on Summoner’s Rift will run in between 30 and 45 minutes. There are some games which go for one hour as well. As you assign a task, you should have the commitment to complete the task. Great deal of dedication and effort should be placed to move forward in the game.

Avoid distractions

To make progress in the game, you should avoid all kinds of distractions. will help you understand about different modes present in the game and you will be able to learn survival skills.

Arcade LoL skins

You should overcome distractive forces in the game so that you will settle for the best. If you are made to look away from the desktop, it should be considered as a distraction. To avoid distraction from the telephone, you should keep it in silent mode. If you are rearing pets in home, they should be located far away from the console.

The game should be started when you are free from the burdens of this world. If you are a student, you should want to spare sufficient time. If you are required to complete assignments before the stipulated date or time, it is not possible to pay undivided attention. If you are going through a life event such as birthday or anniversary, it is difficult to focus on the game. Hence, you should choose timings where you can give your 100% attention to the game. Unless there is absolute necessity, you should not go for AFK. If you go for them, there might be temporary suspension from the game. You will also cause distraction to other members in the team.

Staying alive in the game

You should focus on staying alive in the game. Death is a great blow in the game. If you die, your opponents will get large volume of gold and experience. These are assets which make them powerful and it is difficult for you to regain your position.

When the death takes place, you should want to sit through extended cooldowns. There will be a block to level up in the game. You should aspire to get more gold and items so that it can be leveled up in a very efficient way. The cooldown period will increase as the game progresses and you will want to die. Hence, the death or leading to death should be taken seriously and you should make plans to avoid it by all costs.

Kotaku will help you understand about the game in a better way and you will learn survival skills in a very efficient way. You should not become a food to other players. If there are repeated deaths, your game will slow down drastically. When you are killed by a single champion repeatedly, the champion will turn into a monster. In those cases, the entire team should fight against the monster to kill it successfully.

As soon as you notice that you are becoming a food to your opponent, you should call for assistance. The message can be conveyed through chat and other medium so that teammates will help you come out from the situation very easily. if you are going to die, you should figure out the reason for the same. If you are a beginner, you are prone to die many times. However, you should take an opportunity to learn from your mistakes so that they will not be committed again. You should implement a strategy to control your character death.

Protection from minions

When you stay behind minions, there will be great progress in the game. They will protect you from the damage in the best possible way. There will be absolute protection from towers, champions, and other minions. You should ensure that group of minions are into fighting so that there will be great protection from the damage. The aim of enemy towers can be diverted in a very efficient way.

summer minions

You should also find out the health bar of minions in your vicinity so that quick progress can be made in the game. You should not go through the situation where you will be stranded when all the minions die. It is advised to stay away from the range of towers also. Especially, when you are attacking an enemy tower, you should take steps to get protection from minions. On the other hand, you can take support from the closest tower if an opponent is pushing you. thus, you can manage an additional layer of defense and champions can be opposed in a very efficient way.

Creep Score

To achieve perfection in last hitting, you should practice it for a long period of time. As you practice over many games, you will gain the skill and experience. The level of farming can be noticed through the Creep Score. The number of minions killed by you will be denoted through the Creep Score. You can also check your score by visiting the ‘Match History’ page.

You can find the duration of the game by noticing the CS per minute. If you get at least 6 or 7, you can understand that you have managed a comfortable score.

The auto-attacking will not keep you in good position. The normal ebb will be disrupted. By last hitting, killing blows are stolen from your minions. If you follow minion, the risk of being killed will increase. if you stand behind the river that cuts through the middle of the river, you will be in safe position. If minions are pushed beyond the point, you will nudge into the danger zone.

Kotaku will give you vital information and clues to win the game, League of Legends. You should go through the quality information and update your skills and knowledge to survive in the game. By gaining knowledge and experience, you can move further and various levels can be reached very easily.

Elo boosting Services

As you can see it is really hard – to solo boost yourself. But even if you master every aspect of the game, you may meet some really salty players in competitive queue, that will troll all your team among the game. It may look impossible to break through, such players appear in almost every game and you just feel dismorale after such games and start to thinking that you stuck with toxic playes forever. If you feel the same, then you live in personal hell – EloHell. It will be a really hard road to desirable league, and you need to overcome such a-holes. But it is time consuming process, so if you want to climb out your elohell, you can use Elo boosting service like Elo booster service.

Boosteria service

I know that there are tons of such services in the web, but here i’ll try to convice you to use Boosteria. This service have much advantages, and you can always read them by yourself at the link above. So i’ll just say about my feelings after using services of this company.

Summer discount

What can i say? My booster was a perfect Jhin Player and he share a lot of cool trick and tips about this champion, so now i can use them quite frequently and i watch every game that he played during boosting (yes they can stream your boosting process if you want), and try to copy his builds and tactics. I feel that my gaming skill increased (or i just play in team with awesome dudes). I ordered my boost during the Christmas special sale, so i was really surprised with the prices. And now i have a personal discount on all Boosteria’s services like Coaching, Placement matches, and many other cool things.

Boosting lol

As a recap i can say that i’m glad that i use their service, and if i ever fall into pit that called EloHell, i’ll certainly order another Elo Boost.

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